DigiByte Travelling Around the World Thanks to Changeangel

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  • Changeangel has seeded a pay it forward promo to raise awareness about DigiByte
  • The DigiByte pot has travelled all over, and some have even added to the pot
  • More and more people are getting to experience DigiByte thanks to this epic promo

DigiByte is one of the coolest crypto communities that we’ve had the pleasure of stumbling upon over the years, and it’s without a doubt that it’s also one of the most generous. So, on the weekend, changeangel, the swap exchange for social good, decided to host a pay it forward promotion, highlighting how amazing DigiByte is.

Changeangel put 2,700DGB into a pot and sent it on to one lucky person in their Twitter thread. This person gets to keep 100DGB and they then send the rest on. The process then repeats over and over again until the pot runs out and DigiByte has travelled the globe.

A Surprise Addition

The DigiByte in the pot quickly got moving, hopping from the UK to the Philippines to the Netherlands in no time at all. But, along the way, one amazing DigiByte fan ADDED to the pot, meaning the DigiByte love gets to go further and touch the hands of many more people.

This is such a nice way to raise awareness for a cryptocurrency, and it sums up changeangel perfectly. It wouldn’t be a changeangel promotion is it didn’t benefit everyone taking part, and it’s these amazing guys that have helped change the lives of countless people all around the globe. Now, they swap exchange for social good is helping people two-fold. One, by introducing them to DigiByte, and two, by seeding the giveaway with 2,700DGB.

A Swap Exchange Worth Checking Out

Very few exchanges out there put projects before their own desires, making changeangel a breath of fresh air. When you swap non-ico coins through changeangel, a portion of the fees collected will go straight back to the project. This is such a kind gesture as these non-ico projects don’t have any form of funding and rely on the good hearts of the community members to continue their growth.

Changeangel has also raised money to help bring water to villages that have been without fresh water for generations. The generosity of changeangel spans well beyond the crypto world and into the fiat world too, helping people that don’t have the means to even get their hands on crypto.

Did You Get the DigiByte?

The DigiByte stack has travelled all over the place, but have you got your hands on it yet? Make sure you comment on the changeangel Twitter thread so that you can try out DigiByte and get 100DGB to get you started in the DGB world. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can add to the stack – now that’s the Christmas miracle we’re all hoping for!