DigiByte Launches DigiAssets iOS App

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • DigiByte has launched a DigiAsset app for iOS devices
  • Creating digital assets on a truly decentralized blockchain has never been easier
  • DigiByte is making the adoption of blockchain technology into the real world easier than ever with its user friendly technology

DigiByte is quickly becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrencies around thanks to its wide range of real-world applications and use cases, and this week it cemented itself in the digital asset world for the indefinite future.

Earlier this week, DigiByte dropped its brand-new DigiAssets app for iOS on TestFlight, giving you a chance to start creating your own collectable and shareable digital assets stored on the DigiByte blockchain.

Huge Potential for Many Industries

The DigiAssets app is highly polished, is simple, easy to use and rather gorgeous. The app allows you to create your very own DigiAssets and send them to other DigiByte wallets whenever you choose. You can create as many versions of the DigiAsset as you wish, opening up this amazing technology to a multitude of new use cases.

One example for the use of this technology could be a ticketing system, with events creating tickets in the form of a specific DigiAsset and sending them to people that wish to attend the event. At the door, the ticket inspectors can verify that the DigiAsset matches the one required to access the event, preventing attendees from buying fraudulent tickets. This type of technology was being trialed by UEFA, but the system UEFA is using can be complicated to use, meaning more funds are needed to hire special developers – unlike with the DigiAssets app!

It’s More than Just an App

Now you can see the huge potential of these amazing DigiAssets, you can start to see why this is such a big deal. Finally there’s a quick and easy to use digital asset creation tool is available at your fingertips, operating on one of the fastest and most decentralized blockchain networks in existence. But the fun doesn’t stop there. DigiByte knows that not everyone has an iOS device to use, so they’ve created a web-based version of the DigiAsset creation tool.

The website is just as easy to use and your DigiAssets are live in a matter of seconds. It requires no coding knowledge or blockchain skills at all. Simply name your DigiAsset, select how many you want to issue and how you want them to behave – it’s that simple.

Go and try it out for yourself. Head on over to the TestFlight app or the DigiAsset website and create your very own DigiAsset today. It’s quick, easy and will change the way you look at issuing digital assets on the blockchain!