Changeangel Continues to Help Non-ICO’s with Latest Donations

Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • Changeangel has dished out the latest round of donations to non-ico coins following another successful month
  • Non-ico projects rely on their community to help growth, making these donations extra important
  • Very few exchanges out there donate back to non-ico coins to help them continue their development, only thinking of themselves.

There are numerous crypto exchanges out there, but none are as famed for giving back to the projects that matter most than changeangel. Changeangel is dedicated to helping non-ico projects, donating a portion of fees collected back to the projects involved in the swap. This amazing and charitable act has earned changeangel the moniker, the swap exchange for social good, and we can’t think of a more fitting moniker.

Giving Back to Projects That Didn’t Do Fundraising

Nowadays, a lot of projects seek funding in order to get off the ground, seeking out ICOs, IEOs and STOs. But it’s the projects that have drawn together a loving and passionate community that fund the development of their beloved projects from their own pockets. These incredible projects are the projects that changeangel actively supports and help grow by donating a slice of the fees collected back.

Every time you make a swap from crypto to crypto at changeangel, a small amount will be collected in fees. If you swap between Bitcoin and DigiByte, you will incur a small fee, with the donation going to DigiByte – the fees go to the coin you swap into. This is such an amazing practice and more exchanges should be following in changeangel’s footsteps to help non-ico projects grow.

Meet the Coins Receiving Donations

Due to the fact that the coins that receive donations are the destination of the swap, just as DigiByte is in our example above, not all non-ico coins at changeangel get the same sized donation. In the latest round of donations, changeangel dished out 5700 $DGB, 37,000 $XVG and 42,500 $RDD to these amazing projects.

Some projects hold Twitter polls to let the community decide where the funds get spent, while some allow the development foundation to make the calls. What’s important is that these amazing non-ico coins get financial support to help them continue to grow and shine as blockchain beacons of hope.

Help Make a Difference

If you’re sat there wondering how you can help make a difference, we’ve got great news for you – it’s so easy. If you want to help support the amazing non-ico coins that are swappable at changeangel, you can avoid using centralized exchanges that gobble up your fees and start using amazing the amazing swap exchange for social good – changeangel. Each swap you make into a non-ico coin will help that coin develop and grow further – we can’t think of a more noble thing to do.

So, rather than funding Changpeng Zhao’s new yacht, Brian Armstrong’s next Jackson Hole mansion or Jesse Powell’s next supercar, start putting your swap fees to good use and the development of blockchain technology!