Buy DigiByte Instantly and Easily Through changeangel!

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  • Changangel has teamed up with MoonPay to allow users to buy DigiByte instantly with their credit or debit card
  • A portion of the fees collected will go right back to the DigiByte Foundation to help with development and growth
  • DigiByte has never been hotter than it currently is, making the partnership a huge deal in the UTXO crypto space

DigiByte is by far one of the hottest UTXO cryptocurrencies around at the moment, with news of its impending listing on Coinbase and collaboration with RenVM to create wrapped DigiByte for DeFi pumping up demand for this amazing coin. In a bid to make buying DigiByte easier than ever before, changeangel has teamed up with the guys over at MoonPay to make buying DigiByte easier than ever before!

Now you can buy DigiByte directly from the changeangel website using your credit or debit card. As always when using changeangel, a portion of the fees collected will go straight back to the DigiByte Foundation, helping DigiByte carry on growing and adding more amazing features that we all love so much.

The A Partnership Made in DigiByte Heaven

The new buy DigiByte feature was added to changeangel late last week, allowing DigiByte fans to quickly and efficiently buy DigiByte at the click of a button. You can now instantly buy DigiByte in 30 fiat currencies through the partnership, allowing more people than ever before to get access to this leading UTXO cryptocurrency without having to go through long and convoluted processes. This really is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to get your hands in DigiByte at the moment.

Speaking on the new feature, Rudy Bouwman, Secretary & Vice Chairman DigiByte Foundation, said:

“We’re very excited about the partnership with changeangel and MoonPay for enabling buying DGB on the DigiByteFoundation website. You can now buy DGB with 30 fiat currencies, using SEPA or Debit- / Credit card. Moreover, an equal share of the transaction fee will be donated by changeangel to DGBAT and the DigiByte Foundation.”

Meanwhile, Michelle, a core member of DGBAT, said:

“I am really excited about this partnership and the potential revenue it can bring in the form of donations to the DGBAT and the DGB Foundation. As a non-ICO’d project DGB has to look in part to the creativity of its community members to raise funds for its development. This partnership between Changeangel and MoonPay to provide a fiat on-ramp to purchase DGB, with a small percentage of a transaction going back to the DGB community, executes this vision to perfection-it is a win-win for all parties involved.”

Additionally, Halsey from MoonPay commented on the partnership by saying:

“We are excited to be working with the DigiByte Foundation, DigiByte Awareness Team and ChangeAngel to help support our shared vision of making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone”

A Sign of Things to Come

This is changeangel’s first dabble into the fiat onramp side of the crypto world, hinting that something big could soon be about to drop. If this partnership goes well and chaneangel sees a good deal of demand for its fiat onramp services, we could see changeangel start to allow other cryptocurrencies to be bought directly with fiat – time will tell!

What are You Waiting for?

Massive stacks of DigiByte are sat waiting to be bought up, so head on down to changeangel and start stacking DigiByte thanks to this amazing new fiat onramp feature. Best of all, you’re helping DigiByte grow and develop in the process, unlike most other crypto exchanges out there!