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  1. Non-personal Information we obtain

    1.a – Our website makes use of cookies, JavaScript, web server logs, and other similar technologies. As such, we obtain information regarding your use of FullyCrypto through non-personal means.

    1.b – The information we obtain can be done so through a number of methods, which includes visits to our site via both mobile and desktop devices. This information can include pages visited, time spent on site, referring site details, individual visit time on each page, web browser used, user system OS, user flash version, browser language, IP address, location of network, form submissions, website interactions, and geographical data among other things.

  2. Personal Information we obtain

    2.a – At times, we may obtain personal information related to you that you freely submit to us. This will include data such as name, email, and general contact information. FullyCrypto will never collect and process your personal information without your given consent.

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  3. How we collect information

    FullyCrypto remains honest and upfront with how we collect information. We will only collect personal information, such as your email address, through personal submission and not through any alternative means. You can freely refuse to provide us with this information at any time. We may also collect non-personal information via your interactions with our website.

  4. How we use the information we obtain

    4.a – The information we obtain through non-personal means will be used for the following purposes. As a way to restrict your exposure to unsuitable and unnecessary advertisements, to determine our website visitor numbers, to determine the popularity of certain pages over others, and to improve our website from a content perspective.

    4.b – When you provide us with personal information. We may choose to use such information to make contact with you, via email newsletter and other forms of direct communication.

    4.c – You are free to withdraw your consent to receive emails from FullyCrypto at any time. This can be done by clicking the dedicated unsubscribe button in any email you receive from us, selecting the same option within your account settings, or speaking directly with a member of our customer service team.

    4.d – FullyCrypto holds the right to provide any third party your information, should a claim be made that content posted by you constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights, or right to privacy.

  5. Cookies

    5.a – Like other sites, FullyCrypto makes use of “cookies”, which are small packets of data that are stored on your device. We use cookies to collect information about you and your activity on our website.

    5.b – Through the use of cookies, we are able to learn from your data and how you navigate from page to page. This data helps us gather feedback and see how we can better serve you as a visitor to our website. Cookies do not allow us to learn any personal information and function on a strictly non-personal basis.

    5.c – You are in control of your cookies, so you can delete them at any time. All cookies are stored on your computer can be deleted via your browser or manual means.

  6. Data retention

    6.a – FullyCrypto will keep hold of your personal information as long as it is required to in order to provide you services, or as is required to fulfill any legal obligations. This may be necessary as a means to comply with dispute resolution, agreement enforcement, or any other legal obligation that FullyCrypto might be held to.

  7. Privacy Policy and GDPR complaints

    7. – If at any time you feel that FullyCrypto has broken this privacy policy or gone against the terms and conditions listed, please contact our team at [email protected]. Within the email please provide as much detail as possible regarding the issue, as this information will be of use during an investigation into a potential break of policy. We provide no timeline for either a response or conclusion of any case regarding a break of policy, as process timescales remain at the discretion of FullyCrypto .

  8. How we protect personal Information

    8.a – FullyCrypto maintains strict physical and technical safeguard practices when it comes to protecting user’s personal information. We strive to keep your data out of the hands of third parties, unless otherwise stated. We also implement several security measures in order to make sure that your information is guarded against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use.

    8.b – It must be said, there is currently no such thing as totally secure data storage or transmission, as such FullyCrypto makes no guarantees that the data submitted to us will be held complete secure, nor do we guarantee that our security will be remain unbreachable.

    8.c – Nothing stated within these terms and conditions represents a guarantee that your information will remain secure, so any information you transmit to us is done so at your own risk. Please be aware that FullyCrypto does not at any time guarantee that your information will not be accessed by a third party, or accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed in the unlikely event that a security breach may occur.

  9. Third-party links

    9.a – There might be times where FullyCrypto provides links to third-party products or services within our content. These providers operate independently of FullyCrypto – therefore we hold no responsibility for the activities undertaken by these services. However, for the sake of quality of control, we do our best to make sure that these links are reputable, while we are always open to user feedback on such matter from users.

  10. Analytics

    As a means to measure how often our site is visited, FullyCrypto engages in analytics monitoring – this means that we reserve the right to work with web analytics companies to generate such data. We will use analytics to track activity on site, using such data to improve our product and services.

  11. Changes to our terms and conditions

    We reserve the right to change the content of our terms and conditions (also known as our privacy policy) at any time. FullyCrypto will also periodically update the terms and conditions attached to the site to reflect to changes to our product and the related standards and practices. For any significant changes that may occur, we will do our best to make this information public or contact our users, so they are made aware that such changes are likely to happen.

  12. Children and minors

    We do not at any time intended to request personal information or solicit personal information from anyone aged 16 or under. This applies to the legal age consent within any country this blog is accessible from – whether that age be above or below 16. If you are below the age of 16, you are not of legal age to provide personal information to this site, as such any attempted submission of personal information will be rejected.

  13. Law and harm

    13.a – FullyCrypto may choose to disclose or preserve your information should such action be requested by law, regulatory, governmental, or legal authorities. Such cases can relate to fraud, security, or technical issues, or to protect our or our visitors’ rights or property.

    13.b – We reserve the right to share your information with law authorities when we are legally bound to do so, with users understanding that in such instances FullyCrypto holds no legal right to reject these requests.

  14. Contacting Us

    Should you wish to discuss our terms and conditions further – or have questions regarding your dealings with FullyCrypto – please contact our team at [email protected].


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