DigiByte Soars More Than 1,100% From Lowest Point in 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • DigiByte is up more than 1,100% since March and is still growing
  • Thanks to a loyal and impressive community, DigiByte is rapidly becoming one of the best blockchain networks
  • DigiByte has an impressive range of tools and features that everyone can use to make their lives more secure

With the Bitcoin halving just around the corner, pretty much all cryptocurrencies have been enjoying a rather nice couple of weeks, but one has been absolutely pumping for just over two months now.

DigiByte, arguably one of the best decentralized cryptocurrencies with a whole raft of use cases, has been on a mega pump ever since it hit yearly lows back in March. Since hitting a yearly low of $0.002 back in March, DigiByte has risen more than 1,100% to its current price of $0.027.

This meteoric rise is all down to growth, adoption and real-world use cases proving that DigiByte is powerful and versatile enough to take on the crypto world.

No Indications It’s Going to Stop Soon

There’s nothing like a nice ride to the moon, but for most projects the fun usually hits a top and stops. But for DigiByte, literally every indicator is suggesting that this meteoric rise is far from over. Thanks to the plethora of use cases and the simplicity of transacting in DigiByte, more and more people are joining the DigiByte revolution. This in turn is helping drive the price upwards.


The EMA 5, 10 and 20 as well as the SMA 5, 10 and 20 both suggest that we’re going to see a lot more upside movement and are indicating a strong buy. Aside from the technical analysis, the DigiByte community is rapidly growing and this will continue to fuel this huge price rise.

More Use Cases Than Can Be Counted

The decentralized world of DigiByte opens up the doors to many incredible use cases that are incredibly practical. Just one of these is the Digi-ID and it’s going to revolutionize the authentication world. Digi-ID uses public and private key cryptography to replace passwords and traditional 2FA. A website or application with Digi-ID enabled will display a QR code which the user then scans, with the DigiByte blockchain verifying that it’s in fact the correct user, unlocking the person’s account. It’s totally free to use and it’s far more secure than other traditional systems that are in place.

Where Can I Get DigiByte?

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