DigiByte Philippines is Pushing Adoption Through Multiple Streams

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  • DigiByte is getting a huge awareness boost in the Philippines thanks to a group of hardworking friends
  • With videos, chess tournaments and a farm, the DigiByte flag is waving high in the Philippines
  • More activities like this are needed to help spread awareness and adoption of top cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology like DigByte

The crypto landscape is constantly changing, but in order to stand out as a beacon of trust in the crypto world, you need some form of awareness team to create adoption. For years now, DigiByte has been thriving all around the globe. But in the last few months, a team from the Philippines has come together to create dozens of use cases for DigiByte in the region as well as create as much awareness about the DigiByte blockchain as possible.

I managed to catch up with DigiByte Philippines to find out exactly what they’re up to and how they’re helping spread DigiByte awareness and adoption throughout the Philippines and beyond!

Meet Sony, Rhey, KN and Lenny from DigiByte Philippines

Guys, can you tell me a little bit about yourselves and what you do?

Sony: I’m currently working on an online chess tutorial. My team and I also teach players how to use the Digibyte wallet. As a former chess coach and player and also a tournament organizer, I realized that this is one great solid way to introduce this project to the people who don’t know about crypto or $DGB blockchain. We also host weekly chess tournaments online on Sundays where players compete to win some DigiByte.

Rhey: I’m a Travel Consultant by profession, but by night I spread awareness of DigiByte through informative videos that I post on social media. KN and I work on this together as we know one another in real life too, which is pretty cool!

KN: I am a registered Nurse by profession, but the majority of responsibilities are professional and clinical development of the staff. I’m also one of the system manager of an automated dispensing cabinet for medication and a Magnet Champion. This means I also liaise and spread awareness about Magnet Recognition.

In my spare time, I work with Rhey to create informative videos about DigiByte and help to spread awareness on social media. Thanks to my daytime role as a trainer, I’ve got the perfect skills to teach people all about DigiByte!

Lenny: I spent most of my life in the corporate world and have always been a problem solver and a visionary. In the corporate world, I was usually responsible for structuring teams and increasing revenues for the various companies I worked with. Fast forward a few years and i’m a farmer that’s in love with DigiByte and all things blockchain – I’ve never looked back.

That’s amazing. Sony, can you tell us a bit about how many people play each week? How did you go about getting that off the ground?

Sony: We started out with around 3 people playing in the first few games. There was myself, a guy called Lenny and another called Victor. Together we created a team of chess organizers and set about hosting daily tournaments. We get around 30 to 70 players every day and more than 600 people playing in our weekly chess tournament.


For now, it’s just limited to the Philippines, but we are pondering the option to open it up to the world, which would see a lot more players and some incredible chess talent piling into the DigiByte chess tournaments.

Rhey and KN, what sort of videos are you producing and how are they helping spread DigiByte awareness in the Philippines?

Before we really started making videos, we were just playing around trying to pass the time while we were in lockdown. Rhey was working from home and to pass the time and add to his skill set, he started making a few videos. After seeing a few of these videos I got really curious and got him to teach me. I’ve actually been able to use these skills in my teaching at work, helping students coming through my hospitals learn more effectively.

In the beginning, we started out making the videos for a bit of fun and they weren’t meant to be overly educational. But once we noticed that we were gaining a following that were interested in DigiByte, we started making the content more educational and fact based.

For us, creating online videos is a powerful tool when trying to create awareness because it touches people and piques their interest. Videos draw attention and create a level of curiosity, meaning people will be more likely to learn.

Videos are also incredibly easy to share, meaning that people who watch them can quickly and easily share the content to spread awareness like we’ve never seen before. This content is really cool because it highlights just how powerful DigiByte is and how it can impact people’s lives positively.

Lenny, what is this SC Farm and how does it work?

The SC Farm is a shrimp and crab farm based in the Philippines and it’s totally powered by DigiByte and the DigiByte blockchain. We tokenized the SC Farm on the DigiByte blockchain using the DigiAssets feature, selling 1,000 assets in around 3 weeks, which was a huge step for us.

Since then, we’ve managed to invest the funds received from the tokenization into making the farm more efficient, employing more locals to work on the farm and expanding into other areas of operations. We now offer land improvement, farm maintenance and house construction, all of which is done by locals.

Thanks to the power of the DigiByte blockchain and ecosystem, we’ve even been able to help thousands of families during harsh economic times too. In 2018, we managed to give clothes, food and school supplies to the poorest Filipino families, helping them through tough times.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve also been helping as much as we can, giving food and school supplies to around 2,000 children from poor families. Putting a smile on these kids’ faces during such a horrible global pandemic is heartwarming and incredibly rewarding.

Additionally, we’re also doing our part to help mother nature by planting trees at the SC Farm. People can buy trees by sending DGB to the SC Farm wallet and we will plant them on their behalf, allowing more and more people to join in our cause to help mother nature.

At the moment we’re looking to integrate DigiByte more and more into the SC Farm community by developing a mobile wallet, a marketplace where people can buy and sell goods as well as a farm management system.

Why Did You All Pick DigiByte for Your Projects?

Sony: For me, DigiByte is one of the most reliable and fastest blockchains, which makes issuing prizes incredibly easy and affordable. Players that win receive a DigiAsset which they can use to take part in the DigiByte sponsored tournaments. We can make these tokens without any coding knowledge thanks to the DigiAsset creation tool.

Simply by offering these prizes in DigiByte and on the DigiByte blockchain has resulted in hundreds of people downloading the DigiByte app in the Philippines and learning how to use it. This is incredible, and in fact I’m speaking to a guy right now that has just downloaded the app and is asking for some advice on it. This proves that the chess tournaments are definitely helping spread awareness and adoption!

Rhey: To be completely honest, I was very fond of another coin, but the community had no plans for how to grow and wasn’t showing any interest, so I was on the lookout for a few others. I narrowed it down to Tron and DigiByte, but ended up going for DigiByte as the price allowed me to get much more for my money, thus helping me educate others more efficiently. Since I first bought DigiByte, my love and respect for the community has grown tremendously. As they say, the rest is history.

KN: At first, I was a touch hesitant as I too came from another coin community. But after speaking to Rhey I got curious about DigiByte. He always told me to DYOR when I asked about DigiByte, so I spent a few hours researching, I joined the Telegram channel and observed their community and its development.

From there, I completely fell in love and saw that DigiByte has huge potential and dozens of unrealized user cases that Rhey and I could bring to the attention of the world and help people begin to utilize this powerful technology. The speed is second to none, the fees are so cheap and it’s very secure, giving us complete peace of mind.

Lenny: We started SC Farm back in January 2019 and we wanted it to expand rapidly, so we needed a blockchain that could accommodate our needs. Thanks to its impressive speed and functionality, DigiByte won our selection process and we’ve never looked back since. It fits perfectly with our needs and plans for the future. The DigiAssets are a standout feature as the possibilities of use cases for these assets are truly mind boggling, not to mention just how easy it is to create these DigiAssets!

The Philippines Loves DigiByte!

As you can see, DigiByte is truly shaping the future of the Philippines. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and one day these Filipino DigiByte champions will help spread adoption of DigiByte all around the country.

Don’t miss out on Sonny’s live chess tournaments every Sunday and don’t forget to check out Rhey and KN’s latest videos. Finally, don’t forget to check out Lenny’s amazing farm. If you’re feeling charitable, you can always donate to these amazing causes, helping them grow and spread their DigiByte seeds even further around the country!

Don’t forget, to get your hands on DigiByte, you can head on over to changeangel, the swap exchange for social good!

If you wish to donate to any of these causes and help spread DigiByte awareness or help fund the futures of impoverished children, you can donate using the addresses below:

SC Farm: D9u4F1v9Vq6rMKQZ41ycyMBTbTYHgSM42d

Rhey’s Videos: DEWebsGgBHHBzkGWD2DpKtUci7rqGmXKr2

KN’s Videos: DEDZm8t68dvJ1XeQg8XiVRBzugx21KEjsM

Sonny’s Chess Tournaments: dgb1q2azv6q34wfd6wzmdj0kcvzaygd5jj686d6wpjm