Binance U-Turns and Lists DGB With No Listing Fee

Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • Binance has finally listed DGB after a sharp u-turn from the last time the two projects spoke.
  • DGB hasn’t really pumped following the surprise listing, but that comes as no surprise because DGB isn’t a sihtcoin that needs Binance to shill it.
  • Jared Tate praised Binance for listing DGB without charging any listing fees.

Binance is the biggest crypto exchange in the world, with more than $4 billion in 24-hour trade volume, so getting listed to this exchange is big business. We’ve seen tokens pump at the mere rumor of a listing with Binance, leaving many projects desperate to join Binance simply for the gains.

In its latest listing announcement, Binance stated that it will list DigiByte with no listing fee at all. This is a major u-turn from the stance Binance took a couple of years ago where Binance demanded a crazy listing fee from DigiByte.

Modest Post-Listing Gains

Everyone expected DGB to pump following the listing, but unlike other coins and tokens that Binance has listed in the past, DGB is already part of a working ecosystem and there are plenty of places to buy DGB already. Instead of pumping by 20%, DGB is up around 9% at the time of writing. This is a pretty modest gain and is in line with its current gains so far throughout the year. Don’t forget that DGB was already up more than 1,100% since March, and it has been progressing upwards at a very decent rate since then.

Jared Tate Putting Beef Aside

Jared Tate is the man behind DigiByte, founding the project 8 years ago. Tate has been instrumental in the evolution of DigiByte, rallying the impressive and loyal community to club together and create the ultimate decentralized blockchain network. When Tate and DigiByte originally tried to get DGB listed on Binance, the exchange demanded a crazy amount in fees. For a project that never did an ICO or any form of funding, this listing fee was impossible to pay.

This led Tate to brand Changpeng Zhao a crook, which in all essence of the word is true. Extorting hundreds of thousands of coins in exchange for listing on his precious exchange. Back in May, Tate announced that he would step down from DigiByte and let the community lead the growth, slamming the greedy crypto culture – ahem, CZ….

After the listing announcement, Tate put his beef aside and showed that he was the bigger man by thanking Binance for listing DGB and not charging an extortionate fee, doing it for free instead. This is exactly how all exchanges should operate, listing coins and tokens based on their usefulness.

Did Tate’s Departure Play a Part in the Free Listing?

There’s a lot of speculation swirling around the crypto world that CZ only agreed to list DGB to its exchange for free if Tate stepped down from DigiByte. Unfortunately, there’s no way to definitely prove this, so for now it will have to remain as pure conjecture – but we can’t imagine CZ is that petty, is he?

The more likely reason for Binance listing DGB is that Coinbase announced that it’s looking into listing DGB. Both Binance and Coinbase have a bitter rivalry, and this listing from Binance is likely a form of horse play between the two major exchanges.