Changeangel Fundraiser Gives Fresh Water Access to 2,000 People

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The crypto world is well known for being very charitable and giving, and the changeangel community just proved how caring crypto really is. The changeangel team partnered up with renowned crypto artist Trevor Jones, who supplied The Ecstasy (Bitcoin Angel) for a giveaway. Participants then bought tickets in a lottery with all funds being donated to three incredible charity causes. This huge drive to give 2,000 people access to fresh and clean water brought together a whole host of crypto communities, including the wonderful people at DigiByte, PotCoin, and Reddcoin.

Bitcoin Deciding the Winner

In a truly unique way to draw the winning ticket number, the changeangel team gave each ticket a unique 3-digit code. The ticket that matched the last 3 digits of Bitcoin block 588621 would be deemed the winner of the Bitcoin Angel oil painting. Bitcoin miners decided that ticket number 170 was the winner, with Mike Aldy – a DigiByte enthusiast – taking home the fantastic piece of art.

Crypto Helping Kids Around the Globe

Just before Christmas 2018, the Reddit Bitcoin community banded together to help buy school supplies for children in Venezuela. Crypto for Venezuela managed to receive enough Bitcoin to buy vital supplies for over 500 children, giving the kids the best chance at securing a good education during times of economic hardship. Children are the future, meaning charitable drives that give back to children are incredibly important – especially to the crypto community.

Something Big is Coming Soon

Changeangel is the crypto swap exchange that not only gives back to the community, but also gives to charity too. If you missed out on getting your tickets for The Ecstasy (Bitcoin Angel), then you won’t have to wait long before you can help the children of the world once more with changeangel. The most charitable swap exchange on the planet is already hard at work planning its next charitable drive, so stay tuned for more information on how you can help the children in Guatemala.

Many people made millions during the 2017 bull run, far more than they could ever need. This is why charity is a huge part of the crypto world and is one cause that crypto projects will all band together for – even rival projects like Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV. Giving children the best possible chance in life is an incredibly worthy cause, after all, we were all children once. Who knows, your charitable donations could help the next Satoshi Nakamoto get an education and create something truly incredible.