AntumID Authenticator App to Launch This Week

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • AntumID is set to launch its mobile app that will let you interact with MyDigiPassword and keep your personal accounts safe
  • AntumID’s app will remove the need for you to type or, create and remember passwords
  • This new app from AntumID comes in at a cheaper price than other leading competitors on the market.

The personal cyber security world is packed with solutions to keep your accounts safe, but there is currently one frontrunner that has been on top for many years. LastPass has millions of users, but a brand-new app from the AntumID team is even more secure and powerful. Can it knock LastPass off the top of the tree?

Powered by DigiByte Tech

The AntumID Authenticator app is dubbed to launch this week on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, giving users access to its range of features. The most important feature being that it works with MyDigiPassword and will allow you to safely and securely access all of your accounts by scanning a QR code. The app uses the DigiByte wallet technology to handle the authentication process and it works on every single website and application in the world.

To log in to your account, you simply generate a QR code in the browser extension and scan it using the AntumID Authenticator app, giving you access to your account. On the other hand, LastPass still requires you to enter a password. A password that can be stolen by keyloggers. This simply isn’t possible with the MyDigiPassword and AntumID Authenticator combo.

Best of all, the new AntumID app allows for multi-chain support. Meaning you can verify your identity and login to all your accounts using a range of blockchains. For the time being, AntumID supports multi-chain authentication from DigiByte, Reddcoin and Bitcoin, but there are plenty more being worked on as you read.

A Safer World for All

The recent Twitter hacks prove just how important it is to secure your accounts as much as is humanly possible. Why would you settle for less when a cheaper, more secure and easier option exists? It comes in at a mere €11.80 for a year. To put that into perspective, LastPass is €28.69 a year.

Without passwords and the need to remember all these fancy passwords you need to keep your data secure, the world can become a safer place for all our digital identities. This is only possible thanks to blockchain technology provided by the DigiByte blockchain and the amazing devs over at AntumID.

Are Your Passwords Secure?

Have a quick think about it. How many of your passwords are the same? How many are simple passwords without numbers and letters? And how many of your passwords are your pet/kids name with a number? It’s time to start taking your personal cyber security seriously and use a powerful authenticator app like MyDigiPassword!