DigiByte Guides Overseas CC to Another Win with Kit Sponsorship

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  • A DigiByte community member has sponsored the brand-new Overseas CC in a bid to help spread crypto awareness in Malta
  • The DigiByte logo will feature on the club’s kit for the remainder of the 2020 season
  • The blockchain island is the perfect place to spread DigiByte awareness and adoption

DigiByte has been making huge waves in the crypto world lately, and it’s just scored yet another victory with the help of the Overseas Cricket Club in Malta. Dubbed the blockchain island, Malta is packed full of crypto enthusiasts, making the sponsorship of Overseas CC a huge step forwards in increasing awareness of DigiByte on the blockchain island.

The DigiByte logo will be displayed prominently on the Overseas CC kit sleeve for what remains in the 2020 Maltese domestic cricket leagues, much like the Bitcoin logo features on the Watford FC kit in the English Premier League.

A Big Win for DigiByte and Malta

Malta is pushing to make itself the blockchain island, but despite its best efforts, it appears to be failing. Silvio Schembri, the man behind the blockchain island, has been caught lying about the government’s use of blockchain technology, proving that the Maltese government is completely inept at deploying the best technology, and instead focused on grabbing as much cash as possible.

However, this new sponsorship deal between the DigiByte community and the Overseas CC will give DigiByte a much-needed boost in the Maltese Islands, with the hope of spreading awareness and adoption of this leading UTXO cryptocurrency as the Overseas CC travels around the island to compete in the biggest fixtures in the Maltese cricket world.

The funds donated to the Overseas CC will be used to help the club buy kit for its players, subsidize participation fees and help the club work towards securing its own ground for training and matches. Just like DigiByte, Overseas CC has not hosted a funding round and relies totally on the generosity of individuals to continue its development.

Starting Off the Partnership with a Bang

In Overseas’s first game sporting the DigiByte logo proudly on their sleeves, the team confidently took apart fellow newcomers to the Maltese T20 Summer League, Paola Boys CC. The performance displayed was similar to DigiByte’s performance – confident, flexible and powerful. On the same weekend that DigiByte made its debut in the Maltese cricket league, changeangel announced that it’s now possible to buy DigiByte with your credit or debit card, making it by far the easiest and quickest way to buy DigiByte.

DigiByte keeps racking up the wins in the cryptocurrency world, and it’s very clear to see why. Hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll hear more information about its other latest venture whereby DigiByte is creating a wrapped DigiByte token with RenVM to take part in the DeFi world.

The future is looking exciting for DigiByte!