Is DigiByte About to be Added to Coinbase?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • DigiByte is among 18 coins being looked at by Coinbase for potential listing
  • VeChain, Bancor, Republic Network, and Siacoin among the contenders
  • Coinbase will begin testing and evaluation of each token

DigiByte could be listed on Coinbase after the exchange included it in a list of tokens it is considering adding to its stable. The alt coin’s huge and vocal following was quick to celebrate the potential for their token to gain a wider audience, especially with a crypto bull market on the horizon, with testing and evaluation to begin shortly.

DigiByte Fans Celebrate Potential Coinbase Addition

Coinbase announced the 18 candidates late Tuesday, although it is not known how many, if any, will eventually be listed. DigiByte is joined by a number of high profile projects including Bancor, VeChain, Republic Network, and Siacoin, all of who will be hopeful of being listed on the veteran exchange. DigiByte fans were quick to celebrate the development, excited at the prospect of seeing their favorite token added to the popular platform, just weeks after celebrating the coin surging over 1,000% this year:

Coinbase Has Learnt from Past Mistakes

Coinbase has attracted criticism in the past for unintentionally pumping and dumping coins after secret listings were supposedly leaked, allowing individuals in the know to buy the token before the listing itself on the anticipation of a pump on the news. The most well-known example of this was with the listing of Bitcoin Cash in 2017 which saw the token race to $4,000 before the listing was made public, with Coinbase actually being investigated after allegations of insider trading surfaced soon after.

Coinbase sometimes adds individual coins with no warning, such as XRP in 2019 and OMG last month, but in order to avoid a repeat of past issues it now typically announces a number of coins it is looking at in advance before listing the eventual ‘winners’ at a later date. DigiByte is clearly hoping to be one of the chosen few, which would allow crypto enthusiasts to buy DigiByte easier.