Ubisoft Partners with Immutable to Develop Web3 Game

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  • Assassin’s Creed creator Ubisoft has partnered with web3 platform Immutable to develop a web3 game
  • The two firms also intend to enhance experiences around decentralized games
  • The two are yet to disclose the type of experiences or games they’re working on

Assassin’s Creed creator Ubisoft continues its push into the blockchain world with a collaboration with blockchain platform Immutable to create a web3 game or experiences around blockchain games. Although the two are yet to disclose the type of game or experiences they’re working on, they said that web3 gamers “will love” it. The partnership comes four months after Ubisoft joined Cronos blockchain as a validator, an indication that traditional game developers are willing to interact with the decentralized world in multiple ways.

Focussing on the Fun

According to an announcement, the partnership will help the platforms fulfill their individual ambitions while also enabling them to “unlock the potential of web3.”

Ubisoft’s Nicolas Pouard said that Immutable is the go-to platform for entities looking to create blockchain-based games due to its “cutting-edge technology.” Pouard added that creating on Immutable will allow gamers “to focus on the fun of the experience” since the blockchain offers a high “level of fluidness.”

Immutable CEO James Ferguson noted that the partnership will lead to a “fresh new experience.” However, it’s unclear whether the partnership will birth a new web3 game or whether Ubisoft plans to migrate its games to Immutable.

The partnership comes two years after the game developer announced plans to embrace blockchain games employing the “play-to-earn” model. This year, Ubisoft collaborated with social platform Reddit to offer free NFTs.

Sega Changes Opinion on Web3 Games?

Most traditional game developers and platforms have expressed interest in the blockchain world. Gaming engine Unity, for example, has added a web3 toolbox to its online store while Sega seems to have changed its stand on web3.

Immutable recently partnered with Amazon to extend web3 gaming boundaries, which is among its many moves to enhance games on its platform.

With Ubisoft continuously exploring the blockchain world, it’s likely to lead to a breed of web3 games that provide the same playability and fun as conventional games.