NFT News Roundup – 18/09/22

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’re changing things up a bit and moving our NFT roundup to Sundays, although this doesn’t mean it will be any less gripping and intense. Onwards!

Epic Games Marketplace Sees First NFT Game

Blockchain games have yet to hit the mainstream, and NFTs within gaming are typically fiercely objected to by the gaming fraternity, so it was interesting this week to see that the marketplace of Fornite maker Epic Games saw its first NFT game.

Mythical Games’ Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play multiplayer party game based around unique collectible digital vinyl toys called Blankos, NFTs that can be bought, upgraded and sold within the game.

Unlike other games makers, Epic Games clearly has no issue with NFT games, meaning that this could be the first of many to help normalise the nascent sub-category.

Final Ethereum Block Made Into NFT

The final block ever mined by an Ethereum miner has been turned into an NFT…but that’s not the half of it. To achieve this, the creator paid 30 ETH (roughly $50,000 at the time) to mint the NFT in the early hours of Thursday after raising funds from investors. Thai represents Ethereum’s block gas limit or maximum block size, meaning no other transactions can fit in the block. This essentially means that the entire block belongs to them, which is why it is called a ‘vanity block’.

The block is now listed on Opensea as an NFT with a 10 ETH highest offer. He’s going to have to go some to get his money back.

Starbucks Odyssey Details Revealed

Coffee chain Starbucks gave more details about its metaverse play Starbucks Odyssey. The digital “third place” the brand announced back in May will allow members in the U.S. to have the chance to purchase and earn digital stamp NFTs, which will allow them access to unique experiences as they collect points.

These rewards could range from receiving a virtual coffee-making class to getting access to exclusive Starbucks events, such as trips to the company’s coffee farm in Costa Rica. The NFTs can be acquired by playing coffee-themed games or accepting challenges on Starbucks Odyssey, which will be launched later in 2022.

Starbucks will use Polygon for its metaverse play, making use of its low fees and fast transactions speeds.