NFTs Embraced by Kiss, Matt Bellamy, and D&G

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  • NFTs continue to grow with three more luminaries from the arts and music world getting involved
  • Kiss, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, and fashion house Dolce and Gabbana recently announced plans to launch NFTs
  • The NFT space is rapidly becoming a mainstream outlet for the art world

Rock legends Kiss, Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy and fashion giants Dolce and Gabbana have all either entered or discussed their plans to enter the rapidly growing world of NFTs in the past few days. Every day seems to bring a new announcement of an NFT from a well known figure in the art world, and last week was no exception, with three more dipping their toes into the NFT pool for the first time.

Kiss to Embrace NFT Technology

Paul Stanley, lead singer of 80s rock legends Kiss, revealed in an interview with streaming platform SiriusXM last week that the band are likely to release some NFTs “in the foreseeable future”. Stanley revealed that the group, which formed in 1973, “certainly are on the edge of the diving board into NFTs” and that the members are “flexing our muscles just before we dive in.”

Showing a surprising depth of knowledge on the subject of cryptocurrency, Stanley continued:

There’s so much cryptocurrency out there. NFT is almost an experience and possessing an experience. But cryptocurrency – there’s enough out there. And clearly there are a few that are much more important and seem to dictate the direction of crypto.

Bellamy Shows Grace With 3-track Release

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has kept the musical NFT theme going by releasing three NFTs on high profile NFT auction platform Cryptograph. The collection, part of his upcoming EP Cryosleep, went up for auction Friday and includes a track played on the guitar of late singer songwriter Jeff Buckley. The track, Guiding Light, was in fact the very instrument used on Buckley’s seminal album Grace, which Bellamy bought in May 2020 with the intention of keeping it a “part of music”.

D&G Put Crypto on the Catwalk

Fashion giants Dolce & Gabbana also recently got in on the NFT act by announcing their debut NFT collection, fittingly titled ‘Collezione Genesi’ (Genesis Collection), on Friday. The brand has collaborated with UNXD, a marketplace for digital luxury and culture, and will draw inspiration from the rich artistic history and traditions of the iconic city of Venice.

These three instances illustrate the level of uptake and diversity of NFTs even after the bubble popped earlier this year, putting to shame even more those who showed pride in their lack of understanding and dismissal of the technology.