Ubisoft Partners With Reddit to Offer Free Rabbid Avatars

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  • Ubisoft has partnered with Reddit to offer Reddit users free Rabbids NFTs for use as profile pictures
  • The NFTs are characterized by a Rabbid holding a plunger, with the uniqueness of the collectible determined by a Rabbid’s pose and color
  • The arrival of Rabbids on Reddit comes three years after their launch

Gaming heavyweight Ubisoft has partnered with social media platform Reddit to offer Redditors free Rabbids NFTs for use as profile pictures. The digital artworks are characterized by a Rabbit holding a plunger, with the uniqueness of the NFT determined by the bunny’s pose and color. The arrival of Rabbids on Reddit comes three years after the launch of the collectibles derived from Ubisoft’s popular gaming series Raving Rabbids.

NFTs in Three Categories Sold Out

The NFTs are available in five categories, Plunger, Raving, Knight, Ninja and Traveler Rabbid. According to Reddit, Rabbids in three of the categories have been sold out with only bunnies in Knight and Ninja categories yet to be exhausted as of the time of writing. 

Avatars like the Ninja Rabbid offer four options that allow the holder to strip the avatar of some of its defining qualities like the plunger and the long ears. Some of the options also enable holders to merge its features with Reddit’s Snoo avatar.

The social media platform has been among the few conventional firms that have managed to attract a sizable following in the Web 3.0 space. Reddit announced that it’s working on a Web 3.0 model that will make it completely decentralized, with subreddits being independent entities on the platform. 

Not Always a Smooth Ride

Powered by Ethereum sidechain Polygon, the collectibles mark another step into digital artworks by the two companies. However, Reddit’s NFT moves haven’t been all smooth. Last month, the NFT community was angered by the platform’s failure to stop bots from scooping most of Reddit’s Gen 3 NFTs.

With Ubisoft announcing plans to enter the blockchain gaming world with a play-to-earn model, it’s yet to be seen whether the free NFTs will be part of those plans.