Immutable and Amazon Partner to Extend Web3 Gaming Boundaries

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  • Immutable has announced a collaboration with Amazon’s cloud services wing Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support web3 game developers
  • AWS has added Immutable to its list of independent software vendors
  • The partnership allows developers to benefit from perks offered by Amazon’s AWS Activate program

Blockchain gaming platform Immutable has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to extend the web3 gaming boundaries by increasing the number of options available to web3 game developers. The collaboration allows developers eyeing the Immutable platform to access it through AWS’ Activate program which offers several advantages such as training. According to the blockchain platform, AWS has already added it to its list of independent software vendors, further cementing the link between conventional and blockchain firms.

Shaping the Future of Gaming

Announcing the partnership, the web3 gaming platform disclosed that it’s tapping AWS to enable developers to create great games. Immutable added that the partnership also seeks to blend decentralized technology with “true digital asset ownership.”

Immutable disclosed that it settled on AWS due to its high security measures, its closeness to users and its ability to expand according to game developers’ needs. John Kearney, an AWS executive, commented on the development saying that they’re ready to work with Immutable, adding that blockchain gaming is among the “fastest growing sub-sectors of the blockchain world.”

According to Immutable, the collaboration opens the door to “a vast pipeline of game studio leads” and it helps the two firms to dictate “the future of gaming.”

Promoting Web3 Gaming Through Collaborations

The collaboration comes at a time when web3 gaming-focused entities are looking for ways to promote the sector. Axie Infinity creator Sky Mavis, for example, partnered with game studios to drive the adoption of blockchain games. Unity has also added a web3 toolkit to support game developers.

Amazon is also rumored to be developing a blockchain game that supports NFTs, further deepening the firm’s involvement in the blockchain sector.

Although the collaboration simplifies the building process for blockchain game developers, it’s likely to face slow uptake from developers due to the ongoing slump in the web3 space.