Simpsons Fans Spend Millions on Themed NFTs

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • NFT collectors are scooping up The Simpsons-themed NFTs leading to their trending status on OpenSea
  • The collectibles have attracted over $4 million in trading volume
  • The hype around the collectibles comes after a recent episode of the sitcom depicted characters from some popular NFT collectibles

Barely two days after The Simpsons sitcom featured NFTs in one of its episodes, The Simpsons-themed NFTs have flooded the market and collectors are spending millions of dollars on them. The collectibles have attracted over $4 million in trading volume on OpenSea where they’re also featured in the ‘trending’ section. Although it’s unclear how long the collectibles will continue trending, the hype will likely birth winners and losers and also attract malicious actors since not all developers have genuine intentions.

Over $2 Million in 24 Hours

One of The Simpsons-themed collectibles, Springfield Punks, features images inspired by the sitcom and Yuga Labs CryptoPunks and is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The collection has registered over $2 million in sales in about 24 hours.

Although it was launched as a free mint, its daily traded volume on the secondary market rose to compete with that of Bored Apes and CryptoPunks. According to its creator Rino Russo, the collection surpassed the $1.8 million mark in sales in “less than 12 hours.”

The collection has however been surpassed by The Chimpsons Official which is currently the #1 trending collection on OpenSea with a floor price of 0.01 ETH. Although the collection was launched in September, it has significantly gained from the hype.

Just Images?

The excitement around The Simpsons-themed NFTs comes despite the sitcom poking fun at virtual collectibles alluding to NFTs being just images that don’t “actually do stuff.” The show featured NFTs from popular collections such as BAYC and Doodles.

With the NFTs’ value hinged on the hype, it’s likely that their value will significantly drop once the excitement dies down.