Gaming Engine Unity Adds Web 3.0 Toolbox to Online Store

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  • Gaming engine Unity has shown interest in supporting Web 3.0 developers
  • Unity has added Web 3.0 developer tools to its online store
  • The tools target developers on 13 platforms including Solana, Tezos and MetaMask

Game engine Unity has indicated an interest in Web 3.0 by adding developer tools to its online store. The tools target developers on 13 platforms including MetaMask, Solana and Tezos, and will allow developers on the platform to interact with the decentralized world, according to the company.

A Whole New Level of Gameplay

In a statement, Unity said that adding support for MetaMask, for example, allows Unity-based games to offer an option for gamers to link to their Metamask wallets, which MetaMask said will open the door to a “whole new level of gameplay.” 

Another platform added to Unity’s asset store is Immutable X’s software development kit (SDK) which allows developers to create Ethereum-powered Web 3.0 games. The list also includes Infura SDK which allows the development of games that can run on any EVM (Ethereum virtual machine)-compatible decentralized platform.

According to Unity, the incorporation of various decentralized platforms allows developers to dictate ownership of in-game items, while also giving gamers the ability to purchase tradable in-game resources.

Legitimate and Reliable Verified Solutions

Unity revealed that the dedicated “decentralized” tab on its asset store provides “verified solutions” to game developers looking to “build on blockchain networks.” Unity noted that for a Web 3.0 platform to make it to the list, it must be legitimate, reliable and actively evolving.

According to MetaMask, Unity’s move aligns with a growing gaming industry that OpenSea Devin Finzer believes will drive NFT adoption and innovation.

Unity’s action comes just two days after blockchain developer Alchemy launched a tool that allows Web 3.0 developers to create a decentralized application (DApp) in four minutes. Coupled with a recent BGA report indicating that Web 3.0 gaming is expected to flourish in 2023, Unity’s move confirms that Web 3.0 is gaining traction.