NFL Rivals Creator Unveils Mobile Racing NFT Game

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  • NFL Rivals creator Mythical Games has unveiled a mobile racing game with an option to interact with NFTs
  • Dubbed Nitro Nation World Tour (NNWT) it features vehicles from brands like Jaguar
  • Available for both Android and iOS users, the cars can race in real-time sessions and in campaign mode


NFL Rivals developer Mythical Games is expanding its game offering in the web3 space with the launch of a mobile racing game dubbed Nitro Nation World Tour (NNWT). Gamers can add or remove the cars’ features before using them to race with other gamers in real-time sessions or during what Mythical Games calls campaign mode. The game features cars from respected brands such as Jaguar and offers players an option to interact with NFTs, giving the car brands a chance to interact with fans in the virtual collectibles space.

Traveling the Globe to Collect NFT Cars

According to the game’s X (formerly Twitter) profile, NNWT takes “racers across the globe to collect, race and own fully licensed NFT cars.”

The game developer offered NNWT with the help of original Nitro Game creator CM Games. Some of the vehicles ready for racing include Subaru and Volkswagen, with the game available to gamers using Android or iOS-powered devices.

Powered by Mythos blockchain, a network also created by Mythical Games, the virtual collectibles feature cars and workshops in varying rarity levels. Supercar fan and musician Deadmau5 has disclosed that he’s promoting NNWT.

NFL Rivals Surpasses One Million Downloads

This isn’t his first collaboration with Mythical Games since he was also involved in the developer’s Blankos Block Party game. The musician said that he’s open to such collaborations since he loves “living on the cutting edge of technology.”

NNTW’s launch comes three months after NFL Rivals clocked over one million downloads within two months after launch.

With the success of NFL Rivals, it’s likely that NNTW will also appeal to web3 gamers.