Vidulum Launches Support for DigiByte in Its Web Wallet App!

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Vidulum has added support for DigiByte in its web-based crypto wallet
  • Users can now log in, transfer and hodl $DGB from any web browser on the planet
  • The great news and adoption of DigiByte around the world keeps on coming

There are dozens of crypto wallets out there, and finding one that’s right for you can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately for DigiByte users, Vidulum just added support for the impressive $DGB coin in its web wallet service. Vidulum is a non-custodial web-based wallet that you can access from any browser with an internet connection, so long as you have the private keys.

This is a brilliant solution for crypto hodlers and provides DigiByte users with a new alternative way to store, use and hodl their $DGB.

Lots of Potential for DigiByte

DigiByte is one of the most exciting blockchain networks around, with more and more services utilizing the DigiByte blockchain every week. Three weeks ago, the impressive MyDigiPassword app launched, allowing people to use DigiByte’s technology to securely login to every single website and application on the internet. This is incredibly safe and secure thanks to the fact no passwords are shared or stored. This same technology can be used to login to your Vidulum wallet account as well – how fitting!

Lots of New Faces in the DigiByte World

DigiByte has been making huge steps in the crypto world, with CoinBase mulling over a decision to list $DGB on its platform. This would open up awareness and access to one of the best performing coins of 2020 to millions of crypto traders from around the world. In fact, to outdo CoinBase, Binance decided to push ahead and list $DGB. This new addition to the Binance platform brought a lot of new faces into the DigiByte world, and now everyone in the DigiByte world has access to yet another top-quality wallet!

Access Crypto Any Time, Any Place

Being able to access your crypto at the drop of a hat is very important in this day and age, making mobile wallets incredibly popular. The native DigiByte mobile wallet is packed full of features and is one of the best DigiByte wallets around. But what happens if your phone runs out of power and you need to use your DigiByte to purchase your groceries? That’s where Vidulum comes in. You can simply login to the web-based wallet and make the transaction you need – a rather handy, safe and secure backup crypto wallet to have!

Best of all, Vidulum allows you to see your entire portfolio broken down into easy to read graphs, charts and lists, giving you a complete overview. If you’ve not tried it out, Vidulum is well worth checking out!