DigiByte to Power Libertas Decentralized Social Media Platform

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • The DigiByte blockchain will be used to power the new Libertas decentralized social media platform
  • Libertas will use DigiByte to make a free speech platform where users are responsible for their own content – not the platform
  • This is huge for free speech and the DigiByte blockchain, showing off its versatility

The social media space has been abuzz with outcry following virtually every platform banning Donald Trump. After allegedly inciting the Capitol Riots, social media giants quickly banned Trump, begging the question, does freedom of speech exist anymore? In the days following his bans, Parler, a platform advocating free speech, was taken down by major hosting providers and was hacked.

To fill the gap, Libertas is entering the space and it’s leveraging the DigiByte blockchain. Every user will be responsible for the content that they post, rather than the platform itself. The content will then be moderated by users, meaning that Libertas will never be held responsible for a user inciting a riot.

The Freedom of Speech We All Need

As it stands, if you post something on a mainstream social media platform that goes against the grain, you will end up with a ban. Not from the fact that people disagree with your rhetoric, but the fact that it goes against what the platform believes. It’s this that has driven many to believe that freedom of speech no longer exists online.

Thanks to the fact that each user takes full responsibility for the content that they publish and host on Libertas, the platform will allow the general public to be able decide what’s fair and what’s not. This is true freedom of speech like we’ve never seen before!

Twitter Kicking Off Hard Right Away

Not one to be left behind, or to encourage freedom of speech, Twitter immediately placed a warning on the official Libertas Twitter handle. This is fairly run of the mill for Twitter, and you can quickly gain access to the account by clicking “yes, view profile” anyway. Depending on how big Libertas’ following gets, we could see Twitter lance the account from its ecosystem, which just goes to show that freedom of speech does not exist.

Join the Movement

Just like DigiByte, the blockchain that’s going to power Libertas, it will be open to all developers who wish to join the revolution. There was a public GitHub repo, but that was removed fairly quickly. Instead, any developers or people looking to get involved can join the official Telegram channel.

This could be huge for both freedom of speech and DigiByte. Libertas is in the early phases of development, and there are still many questions that need to be answered, but if Jared Tate can work his magic once more, we’re certain that this is going to be a massive success.