Accept DigiByte On Your Website with the New WooCommerce Plugin!

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Accepting DigiByte on your WooCommerce store just got as easy as click, click, paste
  • A new WooCommerce plugin has been added to the store, allowing you to quickly accept DigiByte
  • Finally you can escape from tradition payment providers that are looking to gouge you in favor of DigiByte

For digital shop owners looking to accept cryptocurrencies, it can be a pretty wild ride from conception to acceptance. First of all, you’ve got to find an integration that works with your backend, you’ve got to hire someone to implement it and then you’ve got to acquire customers in that currency – is it worth the hassle? Yes!

But, if you don’t feel like the hassle and your digital store uses WooCommerce, then we’ve got some amazing news for you. Your store can now seamlessly start accepting DigiByte with the click of a button. It takes less than 30 seconds to integrate and set up the DigiByte payment plugin for WooCommerce. So, if you run a digital or e-commerce store, why not start accepting one of the leading UTXO cryptocurrencies?

Click, Click Boom – DigiByte Payments in Your Store

WooCommerce is one of the most versatile e-commerce solutions, and it runs perfectly well on WordPress. This means installing the WooCommerce plugin is as easy as clicking the mouse a couple of times and pasting in your DigiByte wallet address. Once this is done, your customers will be able to check out using DigiByte.

If you’re still stuck as to why you should accept DigiByte, then we’ve got a few fun facts for you. The average transaction is confirmed in less than 15 seconds and the fees to transact in DigiByte are negligible. You won’t have to ramp up your prices to accommodate huge fees or hang around for hours before your transactions get confirmed like on many other blockchain networks.

WooCommerce is Becoming Crypto City

WooCommerce is quickly becoming the platform of choice for plugin developers to spread crypto adoption. There are already Lightning Network plugins for WooCommerce and you can even integrate XRP payments to your WooCommerce store. Both of these plugins use the same tech and can be integrated just as quickly.

WooCommerce accounts for a huge portion of the e-commerce stores out there, meaning the potential for adoption is huge with these types of plugins. It won’t be long before we see many other top cryptocurrencies developing WooCommerce plugins to join the adoption crowd.

Are You Accepting DigiByte?

Now it’s easier than ever before to accept DigiByte in your online store. There are no excuses not to be accepting DigiByte so head on over to the store and download te plugin today. It’s going to supercharge your sales!