What Happened to Coinbase Listing DigiByte?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Coinbase announced on June 10 that it will look into listing DigiByte
  • In the meantime, Binance and dozens of other exchanges listed DigiByte
  • DigiByte is still waiting to hear back from Coinbase as to when it will get listed

Back on June 10, Coinbase announced that it was exploring the possibility of listing 18 new digital assets onto its trading platform, one of which is DigiByte. Following the news that Coinbase was looking at listing this incredibly popular coin, Binance made a sharp u-turn and listed DigiByte for free!

Just over a month after the official announcement, we’re still no closer to being able to trade DigiByte on Coinbase, or are we…

Still No Official Word

Coinbase has remained rather quiet on the listing front since making the announcement on June 10, but since then it has listed another cryptocurrency – Maker (MKR). On top of this, Coinbase has also launched a few new products for developers and it’s even announced a new Chief Legal Officer. Now, considering that Coinbase has to vet the laws around listing new tokens due to its strict licensing requirements, it could be that Coinbase is waiting for the expert advice of Paul Grewal before listing any of the cryptos mentions on June 10.

How Long Will It Be?

DigiByte fans from around the world are desperate for DigiByte to launch on Coinbase, and who can blame them. Following the Binance listing, dozens of top exchanges from all over the world quickly followed suit and listed DigiByte, giving more people than ever before access to this incredible coin. If we’ve learned anything from the past, Coinbase takes a couple of months from announcement to actual listing of a coin on its platform. If this is anything to go by, we could see DigiByte listed on Coinbase by the end of September – should it adhere to the legal requirements of Coinbase.

Until then, DigiByte fans will have to hodl on or use alternative exchanges such as Binance or changeangel. The best part about using changeangel over Coinbase and Binance is that DigiByte will get a slice of the fees collected, allowing the project to carry on adding awesome new features.

Perhaps a Coinbase listing isn’t the be all and end all, especially when you can help DigiByte grow in the process!