Changeangel and DigiByte Comics Push Crypto Awareness with Manga

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Changeangel and DigiByte Comics have teamed up to help push crypto awareness through manga comic books!
  • Meet the first three Changeangels, with many more yet to be released!
  • The crypto manga comics will be available to be read this fall. 

Creating blockchain awareness is notoriously difficult, especially if you’re trying to penetrate pockets of people that don’t know anything about crypto or blockchain. So, in a bid to help raise awareness about some of the best blockchain projects there are, changeangel and Nelson Carreiro from DigiByte Comics have put together a series of manga comic books designed to show off the true power and potential of a variety of non-ICO blockchain projects.

Meet the Changeangels

So far, we’ve seen three of the Changeangels announced and come to life with their own funky bios. First up we’ve got Alma. Alma’s favorite coin is DigiByte and dislikes fake people. Then there’s Suneric and Merlin, her trusty pet cat. This dynamic duo love Verge, cute stuff, bears and cats. Finally, we’ve got Ali. Ali is a big fan of Litecoin, treasure, adventure and mysteries.

For the time being, we’re not too sure the types of adventures these Changeangels will embark upon, but we do know that they will be saving the blockchain world and spreading awareness and adoption along the way. There are more Changeangels coming very soon, so stay tuned to meet the rest of the family!

Just What Awareness Needs

This amazing manga series is just what crypto and blockchain awareness needs, and quite frankly, we cannot wait to get the first printed copy in our hands to read. This amazing idea is brought to you from the creative team over at changeangel and Nelson Carreiro from Changeangel has a huge history of working for the betterment of the crypto world, constantly giving back to the non-ico blockchains that need help the most.

There’s still no word on when these amazing comics will drop, but if you stay tuned to the official changeangel and DigiByte Comic twitter handles, you’ll certainly be the first to find out!