DigiByte Listed on ZelaaPAY Systems in the UAE

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • You can now pay with DigiByte in the UAE after an integration from ZelaaPAY
  • The adoption of DigiByte will continue to grow throughout the GCC as ZelaaPOS looks to spread throughout the group of nations
  • DigiByte is quickly becoming one of the hottest UTXO cryptocurrencies

DigiByte is making waves across the crypto world, getting adopted by some of the biggest brands and adding new features to become more accessible to the average user. In its latest integration, DigiByte has been added to ZelaaPAY systems throughout the UAE. This means that DigiByte hodlers will be able to use their DGB to pay for goods and services with merchants that use the ZelaaPAY systems

Accepting DigiByte Just Got Very Easy

Accepting DigiByte has always been fairly easy to do thanks to its focus on usability, but it just got a massive helping hand in the UAE. This listing means that any store using the ZelaaPAY system can generate a QR code, which you can then scan with your DigiByte wallet application. You’ll be able to pay for your next car, meal out or flight with DigiByte by scanning a QR code in the UAE.

Merchants who foolishly don’t want to keep the DigiByte will be able to opt to instantly convert the DGB into AED. This is a useful feature to have, as not every merchant wishes to have exposure to the cryptocurrency world, even if it’s with one of the most exciting UTXO cryptocurrencies.

Spreading Around the UAE

Not content with simply conquering the UAE, ZelaaPOS is looking to spread throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. This means that we could soon see DigiByte being used as a payment method in some of the wealthiest countries in the world, with the likes of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia on the list.

This is a massive move for DigiByte as the GCC can be a tough nut to crack. Crypto regulation is slow and many people fear for it not being haram. Saudi once called crypto trading illegal, even throwing a handful of people into jail. However, in recent years, the kingdom has become more relaxed towards crypto, even trialing a blockchain based payment system with the UAE.

Another Massive Win

DigiByte has been racking up the wins over the past few months, and it’s going to carry on scoring more mega wins as 2021 continues to roll on. Hopefully the integration with RandomX will be complete later on this year, giving everyone the ability to mine DigiByte in under 60 seconds!