Rarible Adds Support for Tezos

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • NFT marketplace Rarible has launched an aggregator tool on the Tezos blockchain
  • The tool allows Rarible users to purchase Tezos-powered NFT projects including marketplaces
  • Rarible considers Tezos to be a carbon-neutral chain

NFT marketplace Rarible has added support for Tezos-powered collectibles by launching an aggregator tool on the blockchain which it considers to be carbon neutral. The move enables Rarible users to trade Tezos-based NFTs including those listed on Tezos-based NFT marketplaces. The tool comes four months after the platform launched features enabling it to list NFT collectibles already listed on other platforms like OpenSea.

Tezos NFT Marketplaces on Rarible

Rarible noted that the aggregation tool allows collectors to interact with NFTs listed on top Tezos NFT marketplaces such as Versum, objkt, FXHash and Teia. According to Rarible co-founder Alexander Salnikov, the decision to add support for Tezos was influenced by the blockchain’s carbon-neutral approach and its popularity among NFT artists, adding that the blockchain is among the few that have the right balance between scalability, decentralization and gas fees.

The marketplace also touched on creator royalties noting that Tezos-based marketplaces and Rarible support creator fees. Royalties are a sensitive issue that has even caused a fallout between Blur and OpenSea, with Blur advising creators to block the leading NFT trading platform.

A Free Marketplace Creator on Polygon

Apart from Tezos, Rarible recently added support for collectibles and NFT marketplaces powered by Ethereum’s side chain Polygon. It also has a free Polygon-based tool that enables creators to build a custom marketplace for their collections. 

Rarible’s support for Tezos-based NFT projects comes at a time when NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Magic Eden are adding support for more chains in a bid to attract a larger following. 

The platforms are also launching new features meant to attract collectors. Although there’s fierce competition, Rarible’s NFT aggregation tool is likely to appeal to collectors looking to have the entire NFT world in one place.