Opensea Unveils New Features for Creators

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Leading NFT marketplace Opensea has launched new tools to simplify creators’ journey
  • Among the features is the ability to conduct a phased minting process
  • Opensea wants to use the tools to strengthen the bond between the marketplace and artists

Leading NFT marketplace Opensea has unveiled new features meant to simplify digital artists’ journey and strengthen the bond between the marketplace and NFT artists. Among the features is the ability for creators to conduct phased mints of their new collections, create customized landing pages and access “rich storytelling elements.” The new features are an addition to the on-chain royalties tool and anti-fraud capabilities that the marketplace unveiled three months ago.

Self-serve WYSIWYG Editing Tools

In a Twitter thread, Opensea disclosed that the first iteration of the new features saw artists partner with the marketplace when launching their collections which allowed creators “to showcase their project, brand and art.” 

The next version of Drops on Opensea will give creators the ability to “deploy smart contracts across all supported EVM chains,” a feature that’ll open the door to customized landing pages, “drop mechanics […] and using self-serve WYSIWYG editing tools.” Opensea added that the new tools will first be available “to select creators” as the marketplace unlocks more artist-focused features in the coming weeks. 

Advanced Creator Tools is the New Battle Ground

According to Opensea, the array of tools is meant to simplify the NFT drop process so that “anyone” can launch their collections on the marketplace without the need for blockchain coding expertise.

The new creator-centric features come four months after enabling bulk NFT listing and purchasing in October last year. Magic Eden has also launched new features including an on-chain royalty enforcement tool while Rarible recently launched a free NFT marketplace creator on Polygon, a sign that NFT trading platforms are looking to onboard more creators and collectors into the NFT train.