Marvel to Drop First NFTs With $4 Million Spider-Man Collection

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  • Marvel is set to make over $4 million from its first NFT collection featuring Spider-Man
  • The comic book giant will sell five different types of NFT this weekend with differing valuations and levels of exclusivity
  • NFTs are enjoying a second moment in the sun following their explosion earlier this year

Marvel has revealed its much anticipated first NFT drop, with legendary superhero Spider-Man being awarded the honor of being the flagbearer for the comic book entertainment giant as they take their first steps into the NFT world. This weekend will see the release of the first batch of Marvel NFTs, with a collection of still and animated pieces ranging from $40 to $400 available from the VeVe Digital Collectibles app. The collection drops on Saturday at 8am PT, with limited numbers per NFT.

Spider-Man Weaves a Web Over the Blockchain

Marvel announced that it was throwing its ring into the NFT hat back in June thanks to a tie in with Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited, creators of the VeVe marketplace, although it was naturally tightlipped about which if its famous creations would be the first to sample the new technology, which is currently enjoying a second wind.

Spider-Man, the iconic Marvel figure who first appeared on comic book shelves in 1962, is a natural fit to be first off the blockchain production line. Prices for the NFTs begin at $40 for a still image with a run of 32,000 all the way up to a $400 animation which is limited to 1,000. All in all Marvel will earn just over $4 million from the enterprise, assuming all are bought up.

Marvel Helps NFTs Regain Momentum

NFTs are enjoying a second golden moment, with CryptoPunks and the like suddenly fetching six figure sums again following their peak in March and subsequent collapse, helping to lift the floor of the entire market. Axie Infinity has also helped resurrect the profile of NFTs thanks to its NFT-based videogame, but with entities such as Marvel now entering the picture, it’s clear that the level is about to go up not just a single notch but an entire ladder.