Rarible Enables External NFT Listings

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  • NFT marketplace Rarible has introduced new features enabling it to list NFTs already listed on other marketplaces such as OpenSea
  • Rarible has also introduced a new token to reward NFT traders
  • The new features target unlocking compatibility between NFT marketplaces

NFT marketplace Rarible has unleashed an array of new features meant to ease buying and selling digital assets across the NFT marketplace. Among the features is the ability to trade NFTs listed on other marketplaces directly inside Rarible, alongside the introduction of a new token intended to reward NFT traders.

Rarible Gives Investors Competitive Prices

In an announcement on Thursday, Rarible revealed that it will first support NFTs already listed on OpenSea, Sudoswap, X2Y2 and LooksRare, popular NFT marketplaces powered by the Ethereum blockchain. According to Rarible’s co-founder Alex Salnikov, the move is aimed at easing the access of NFTs across the Web 3.0 space:

Salnikov added that the ability to access NFTs from a central point will bring a range of benefits, including more competitive pricing. Rarible also opened the door for holders of its native RARI token to stake their coins in exchange for rewards and a vote “on where the ecosystem goes next.”

Upgrade, Not a New Platform

It’s worth noting that the new features are bundled in what the platform calls “Rarible 2,” which is an upgrade of the existing platform rather than a complete overhaul of the old Rarible marketplace. The new features on Rarible come roughly two weeks after OpenSea introduced bulk NFT purchases and listings.

This could also be the passing of a prophecy by DappRader in July which hinted at an upcoming war between NFT marketplaces at a time when the NFT community is shifting discussion towards decentralised marketplaces. Some of the community members have observed that NFTs are centralised and marketplaces supporting the same idea will have “to go” since NFTs are “moving to DeFi.”