Rarible Taps Polygon for Free NFT Marketplace Creator

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  • NFT marketplace Rarible has launched a free tool that allows NFT creators on Polygon to build a marketplace for their collections
  • The tool enables artists to set their preferred royalty fee without the need to know blockchain coding
  • The launch comes days after a successful Polygon hard fork

NFT marketplace Rarible has launched a free tool that enables NFT artists on Polygon to create a marketplace for their digital artworks. The tool enables NFT creators to set their preferred royalty fees plus other features without the need to have a deeper understanding of blockchain coding, a move meant to bring out the uniqueness of Polygon-based artists after enabling the same features on the Ethereum blockchain. Rarible’s Polygon NFT tool comes three months after the marketplace allowed its users to list NFTs already listed on other trading platforms such as OpenSea.

Community NFT Marketplaces are the Future

According to Rarible, such customizations are a rare occurrence in the NFT market adding that it allows creators to showcase their uniqueness. The marketplace’s decision to move to Polygon was influenced by the blockchain’s recent flurry of endorsements from traditional brands such as Mastercard, Starbucks and National Geographic which has pushed the Polygon NFT market to the limelight. 

Rarible’s CEO Alexei Falin noted that NFT trading will likely move to community-managed platforms in the future and the tool enables them to tap into that future where every NFT collection has a marketplace. 

NFT Marketplaces Ready for the Future

Falin’s sentiments align with a recent move by the ApeCoin community to launch a dedicated marketplace for Bored Apes and other Yuga Labs products. The NBA Top Shot creator also has an NFT marketplace focused on LaLiga NFTs.

Rarible’s move comes at a time when popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Magic Eden are creating new tools aimed at easing access to NFTs and improving how creators interact with collectors. OpenSea and Magic Eden, for example, have introduced on-chain royalties enforcement tools, a sign that the NFT market is changing and marketplaces are ready to accommodate the changes.