Yuga Labs Taps Hadean to Scale Otherside Metaverse Game

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  • Yuga Labs has tapped computing firm Hadean to help scale its metaverse game Otherside through an undisclosed investment amount
  • Hadean’s involvement is targeted at enabling the game to accommodate more players at any one given time
  • The investment in the spatial computing firm is part of Yuga’s acquisitions and partnerships meant to improve the experience of Otherside visitors

Bored Ape creator Yuga Labs has invested in spatial computing platform Hadean as a way of engaging its services to help build the Otherside metaverse game. Yuga intends to tap Hadean’s expertise in enabling the game to accommodate many players at a go, probably more than the 7,200 that visited the virtual world during its recent test dubbed Second Trip. The investment comes two months after acquiring Roar Studios to enhance the game, an indication that the Bored Ape creator is committed to providing a never-before-seen experience, cementing its lead in the web3 space.

Focussing on Mass Concurrency

Although Yuga didn’t reveal the actual investment amount, a company representative said it was a notable figure and that it was based on Hadean’s March funding event that raked in $5 million. Other notable firms that have invested in the computing startup include Epic Games.

Details indicate that the computing firm will have a team in the United States that will collaborate with Yuga in enabling “mass concurrency” in the game. However, Yuga CEO Daniel Alegre said that the investment commitment extends beyond Otherside.

Apart from acquisitions, Yuga has in the past disclosed collaborations with other firms like Faraway and Bad Rhino all geared towards enhancing the game.

25,000 Players Clock in 700,000 Hours

The company’s focus on Otherside comes eight months after announcing the winner of its hugely successful Dookey Dash game that attracted 25,000 players who clocked in over 700,000 hours of game time cumulatively. It also comes a month after announcing a strategy game dubbed Legends of the Mara.

With its eyes set on improving its metaverse game, Yuga is committed to retaining its crown as a respected firm in the web3 space.