Friendsies NFT Creators Refute Rug Pull Claims

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • The creators of the Friendsies NFT project have restored the project’s Twitter page refuting rug pull allegations
  • The creators announced plans to temporarily halt the project’s roadmap
  • Its community wants to take over the project’s control

The creators of the Friendsies NFT project have refuted claims that they duped investors and collectors after the project said that it’ll be temporarily halting its development roadmap. The creators also deactivated the project’s Twitter account, increasing suspicion of a possible exit scam, considering the project had raised over $5 million last year. Although the project has restored the Twitter account, some in its community are suggesting making it a community-owned project.

Only Social Engagements not the Entire Project

The creators said that they had no ill intentions with the project, admitting that they may have delivered the news about halting future plans in an alarming manner. They noted that they’re still vested in the project, revealing that they only intended to put a break on social engagements and not the entire project. 

They also apologized for abandoning the community and blamed the deactivated Twitter account on an attack from the community. Despite restoring the project’s Twitter page, its developers’ Twitter accounts are still in private mode.

In a now-deleted Twitter thread, Friendsies’ creators had said that they intended to “pause [the project] and all future digital goods,” citing a volatile and challenging environment but promising to resume when the space matures.

With rug pulls likely to become more prominent due to a prolonged bear market, Friendsies’ recent theatrics present a dark cloud over the NFT project’s future.