Yuga Labs Announces Dookey Dash Winner

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Yuga Labs has announced the winner of the Dookey Dash NFT game after 706,436 hours of game time
  • The winner is popular Esport player Kyle Jackson
  • Yuga disclosed that only 2% of the total scores didn’t meet the quality standards

Yuga Labs has announced popular Esport player Kyle Jackson as the winner of the Dookey Dash NFT game after beating over 25,000 other players. The players clocked a cumulative play time of 706,436 hours (equivalent to 80 years) with the longest run lasting close to 11 minutes. Yuga Labs revealed that only 2% of the total scores were removed for failure to meet quality standards, which may be due to players hiring external gamers to clock high scores.

Winner Advised to Take Precautions

Jackson, also known as Mongraal on Twitter, is known for his presence in the Fortnite game. The crypto community took to Twitter to congratulate the Dookey Dash winner with ex-Mastercard lead Satvik Sethi advising Jackson to “take extra precaution with [his] wallet security.”

Some also asked whether Mongraal is planning on selling his winning key or whether he has received any offers yet. Yuga reported that the Dookey Dash game helped the Bored/Mutant Ape Yacht Club ecosystem’s value to increase by roughly 40%.

Game Brought Families “Closer Together”

According to Yuga, Dookey Dash was more than a game as it also helped bring “families closer together” because some played with their close family members. Yuga disclosed that the game’s next phase will feature a “limited-time event” where players enter the sewer to “catch toads.”

As with the previous phase, the new phase will be open to Sewer Pass NFT holders. According to game statistics, each player spent an average of 27.7 hours in the game. Dookey Dash’s success adds to Yuga’s successful projects not only in NFTs but also in Web 3.0 gaming.