Royal Mint NFT Plan Savaged by Caustic Brits

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  • The UK Chancellor’s plan to have the Royal Mint to create an NFT has gone down as well as could be expected
  • The British public were typically caustic in their opinion of Rishi Suank’s plan
  • The environment, money laundering, and Sunak himself came up in the range of criticisms

It’s a fair bet that no one, from the Royal Mint’s marketing department to UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak himself, has any idea what an NFT actually is, and yet yesterday saw a cringe-inducing combination of the two – a Royal Mint NFT, coming this summer to a blockchain near you, to commemorate the UK’s push into the crypto sector. Or something like that. Whatever the reason for its diabolical conception, the idea has gone down as well as a fart in a crowded lift, with Sunak and NFTs universally panned by the British Twitter-going public and leaving everyone asking one question – why?

British NFT Takes Hotter Than a Vindaloo

Sunak announced yesterday that the Royal Mint, which has been successfully minting British currency for over 1,000 years without his interference, would be creating its first NFT as part of a push to show just how serious the UK is about crypto adoption. However, the only success Sunak achieved with the announcement was the advent of the pro crypto and anti crypto communities coming together to savage the idea.

The first target was Sunak himself and the government he represents, whose suitability for the role of NFT Minter-in-Chief was immediately questioned:

Next came the NFT itself, which it seems will not be high on the list for JPEG lovers:

There were, naturally, the anticipated hot takes about the environmental cost, even though the blockchain on which the NFTs will be minted has not yet been revealed. To be fair though, some were pretty funny:

We also had the relatively new argument, which has been completely discredited, that Russian oligarchs are using crypto to launder their wealth, with some even claiming that the blockchain is no longer traceable:

The Royal Mint itself seems to have escaped the mauling, which is fair because it is the unwitting victim in this whole sorry mess…and this is even before we’ve seen the NFT itself.

The mind boggles.