Yuga Labs Announces Legends of the Mara Beta Launch

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  • Yuga Labs has announced the beta launch of its 2D strategy game known as Legends of the Mara
  • The game is part of Yuga Labs’ Otherside project and will be available to holders of Otherdeed NFTs
  • Yuga Labs disclosed that players’ experiences will improve as the game’s development progresses

Bored Ape creator Yuga Labs has announced the open beta launch of a 2-dimensional (2D) game dubbed Legends of the Mara. The game will be accessible by holders of Otherdeed NFTs who’ll also qualify for new digital collectibles. Yuga Labs also disclosed that the game players’ experiences will improve as the game’s development progresses, although the web3 firm didn’t disclose exactly what it has in store for players.

LotM Players to Prevent Otherdeed Invasion

The Bored Ape creator revealed that the game will shine more light on special creatures known as Kodas that are available on the Otherside. Legends of the Mara is part of the larger Otherside game and will revolve around players fighting forces looking to invade Otherdeed virtual lands. 

According to Yuga Labs, Otherdeed NFT holders qualify for a Vessel, a  character that’s capable of evolving into a Mara and then into a Kodamara when carefully natured, and then used to protect plots of land in the Otherside.

A Mara can either be an Enchanter, a Farmer or a Hunter with their traits defined by their host plot of land and a “seasonal Catalyst.” Legends of the Mara’s beta launch comes a month after the web3 firm acquired Roar Studios to enhance its metaverse game

Over 700,000 Hours of Gameplay

It also comes seven months after Yuga announced the winner of the Dookey Dash NFT game that was played for over 700,000 hours and saw some players employ unethical means to get more points.

Dookey Dash’s winner sold his NFT key for $1.63 million, indicating the game’s popularity. However, some of Yuga Labs’ creations such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have been losing their appeal among collectors leading to a decline in their floor prices.

With the launch of the new game, it’s yet to be seen whether it’ll attract the same popularity as the Dookey Dash game.