Yuga Labs Changes BAKC Logo after IP Theft Claim

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • An intellectual property theft claim has caused Yuga Labs to change the logo for its Bored Ape Kennel Club
  • The Bored Ape creator reportedly used an image from a kids-based drawing tutorials platform
  • Yuga Labs adopted the image as a logo three months after its first publication

Dookey Dash creator Yuga Labs has agreed to change the Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) logo after claims it infringed on the intellectual property (IP) rights of Easy Drawing Guides. The kids-based drawing tutorials platform disclosed that its materials are protected by a license. This isn’t Yuga Labs’ first IP infringement claim as the RR/BAYC creator has opposed some of the company’s trademark filings citing IP conflict.

Three-Month Interval

The IP theft was first unearthed by a Twitter user after which the wolf skull’s original artist and Yuga’s co-founder Greg Solano admitted to the striking resemblance between the two images. Details show that the drawing was first published by the kids-based drawing platform in April 2021 while Yuga adopted a similar image for its BAKC NFT collection in June of the same year. 

According to the Easy Drawing Guides website, content on the platform isn’t meant for commercial use. Commenting on the revelations, Easy Drawing Guides disclosed that Yuga Labs “doesn’t have a license to the wolf skull drawing.”

Yuga Labs’ Ready to Change

While seemingly admitting to IP infringement, Solano said that Yuga will change the logo and do the same across their site, adding that they’ll work with NFT marketplaces to implement changes across the collectibles world. 

However, Solano noted that the company didn’t know about the infringed IP before the revelations. Some in the crypto space suggested that Yuga Labs should let the BAKC community choose “which logo [is] the best.” With Yuga seemingly admitting wrongdoing, it’s not clear whether Easy Drawing Guides will claim a share of the profits made off the BAKC project.