Blockchain Gaming Accounts for 33% of Web3 Activities

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  • Blockchain gaming was responsible for 33% of activities in the web3 space in October, according to a new report
  • The report also shows that the gaming industry recorded over one million daily active wallets on multiple days of the month
  • Celo blockchain’s gaming activities soared by over 500%

A new report by DappRadar indicates that gamers are flocking into web3 games enabling blockchain gaming to record one million daily active wallets on several days in October. The report disclosed that gaming activities accounted for roughly 33% of web3 activities with such activities on Celo blockchain rising by over 500% in October. According to DappRadar, the uptick in activities indicates that decentralized games have dominated the space, although there’s the plague of automated bots.

Investors Aren’t Backing Down

According to DappRadar the increase in gaming activities in October represents a 16% rise from what was recorded in September. The Wax blockchain accounted for 406,000 of the daily unique active wallets (dUAWs) recorded last month.

The report observed that Wax’s lead was influenced by increased activities on leading titles like Alien Worlds. Wax was followed by Near protocol, Celo, and NBN Chain. Of the four protocols, Wax had the smallest percentage increase in usage from the previous month at 8% followed by BNB chain (13%), Near (34%) and Celo (538%).

Top games in October include Alien Worlds, Sweat Economy, Second Live and BLC with recorded dUAWs of between 53,000 and 133,000. 

Apart from an increase in gaming activities, DappRadar also noted that investors poured over $150 million in gaming and metaverse-focused projects with most of it going to web3 gaming studios developing gaming infrastructure.

Partnerships to Increase Adoption of Web3 Games

The rise in gaming activities coincides with efforts by traditional and web3 firms to partner to bring more people into the blockchain world. Immutable, for example, partnered with Amazon to extend web3 gaming boundaries. Ubisoft has also partnered with Immutable to enhance web3 gaming experiences.

The Philippine police, however, have warned against play-to-earn games saying they can be used by malicious actors to steal user funds.

An increase in gaming activities is probably a sign that more people are returning to the blockchain world which may ease the sting of the current crypto winter.