Casio Launches Exclusive NFT Collection

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  • Casio has launched an NFT collection featuring its popular G-Shock watch brand
  • Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, the collection comes with exclusive benefits for collectors
  • The launch comes roughly three months after Casio released a set of free collectibles featuring the same watch brand


Electronics heavyweight Casio has launched a limited edition NFT collection featuring its popular G-Shock brand of watches. Dubbed the ‘Virtual G-shock NFT’ collection and hosted on the Ethereum blockchain it has 2,000 collectibles and comes with exclusive benefits for collectors. The launch comes approximately three months after the electronics company released free NFTs featuring the same brand of watches, marking another step deeper into the web3 world.

A Balloon and a Leaf Spring 

The collection features watches with two distinct futuristic designs. One design has “a balloon concept” while the other has a colorful  “leaf spring concept.” According to Casio, the balloon represents a futuristic world that’s free from gravity limitations. The leaf spring, on the other hand, envisions a future where G-Shock watches employ “the force of springs to powerfully absorb shock.”

Virtual G-Shock NFT collectors will enjoy exclusive perks such as the chance to visit the watch brand’s laboratory in Tokyo and be given the first priority during the sale of the “next available G-Shock product.”

NFTs in the collection retail for 0.1 ETH or roughly $230 at current exchange rates, with the sale divided into advanced and general periods. The advanced period will give holders of its previous NFTs, G-Shock Creator Pass (GSCP), the first priority.

Casio Joins Adidas and Porsche

Casio said that its continued interaction with the virtual space is meant to increase its connection with the watch brand’s community.

The electronics firm joins other traditional companies like Nike, Adidas and car maker Porsche that are exploring the web3 space to boost interaction with their customers. Currently, Nike leads the park with multiple initiatives and partnerships.

With Casio first opening the sale to GSCP NFT holders, it’s to be seen whether there will be NFTs left for those in the general category.