“The Voice” Set to Entertain the Metaverse

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  • Global singing competition The Voice has announced entry into the metaverse
  • The Voice will offer gamified experiences to visitors
  • Fans will be allowed to coach their stars on the platform

The creator of The Voice, ITV Studios, has announced that it is taking the global singing competition deeper into the metaverse. In partnership with Virtual Brand Group (VBG), ITV will let music fans coach their favorite musicians in the virtual world, adding that the virtual show is meant to mimic the competition’s physical aspect. The show’s virtual experience will also be offered in partnership with web3 firm The Sandbox, something that may contribute to its success.

The Voice Goes Digital

Dubbed “The Voice Coach Battle,” the show will take a gamified approach that adapts to choices made during the game. Apart from music fans acting as celebrity coaches, participants will also be allowed to interact with the show’s current season airing on NBC.

Participants will have the opportunity to win NFTs for predicting who’ll move to the next level in the competition. Also, taking part in The Voice Coach Battle places “coaches” in a “15K SAND prize pool” plus a chance to win physical branded microphones.

According to The Sandbox CEO Arthur Madrid, The Sandbox offers The Voice Coach Battle “the perfect venue […] to bring the show’s energy into the digital realm.” VBG’s Justin Hochberg commented on the development noting that the collaboration with ITV and the web3 firm presents a unique way to interface the physical world with the virtual space.

ITV Follows Nissan

The Voice’s move coincides with similar moves by traditional brands looking to follow their fans into the digital world. Carmaker Nissan, for example, recently revealed a safety-themed metaverse experience.

A recent report disclosed that more than half of social media users love the metaverse. Tech companies like Meta and Asus and Lenovo are also increasing their interaction with the web3 space.

With The Voice accepting auditions from young participants, ITV likely wants to win the interest of young tech-savvy fans.