Lenovo and Asus Reveal Plans to Build Quest Metaverse Hardware

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Lenovo and Asus are building metaverse hardware linked to Meta’s Quest headset
  • The two join other tech firms and entities like Microsoft that are also looking to bring the Quest experience to its customers
  • The development comes a few days after Meta said it would make Quest’s code open source to spur external developer action

Tech giants Lenovo and Asus are working to bring the metaverse experience through Meta’s Quest virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) headset to its users. The development comes shortly after Meta said it’ll open up the headset’s code but under a new name “Meta Horizon OS.” Apart from the two firms, Microsoft has also indicated that it’s working to interface Quest with Xbox, an indication that Quest’s adoption may eclipse that of Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

Multiplayer Capabilities?

Asus intends to develop a headset for its family of gamers under the ROG (Republic of Gamers) outfit. However, Asus didn’t reveal more details about its plans, forcing some to predict that the plans will include a way to enable multiplayer capabilities through the headset.

Lenovo is also in the process of creating connections with Meta’s Quest. This isn’t the first time Lenovo is collaborating with Meta. In the past, the two collaborated on the firm’s Oculus headset project that gave birth to Quest.

According to Meta, opening Quest’s code and establishing partnerships with reputable hardware makers will give developers “a larger ecosystem to build for […] and create more choices for consumers.”

Apple Vision Pro has Irreparable Flaws, Beeple

The developments come three months after the community, including popular NFT creator ‘Beeple,’ criticized Quest’s competitor, Apple Vision Pro. According to Beeple, the Apple headset has flaws that can’t be fixed even with an upgrade, because it requires the company to rework the headset from scratch.

With Lenovo, Microsoft and Asus creating Quest-focused hardware and experiences, it’s to be seen whether it’ll ignite the headset’s mass adoption.