‘Fantasy Top’ Pays NFT Characters $1 Million for Being “Heroes”

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  • Blast-based game Fantasy Top has released more than $1 million as rewards for NFT characters in the game
  • The game uses popular crypto figures on Twitter as NFT trading cards
  • The over $1 million payout is the first and an accumulation trading fees card pack sales

Roughly a week after launching on Ethereum layer 2 Blast, web3 game Fantasy Top has received widespread adoption generating over $1 million in rewards for its NFT characters. The characters are crypto influencers on X such as Su Zhu, a top figure in the defunct hedge fund 3AC. The rewards are an accumulation of the NFTs trading fees and pack sales, an indication that Fantasy Top gamers are in overdrive mode.

Heroes Receive Free NFT Cards

According to Fantasy Top, the NFT characters, whom it called “heroes,” also received 7,500 “Fan pts [points]” each and 2,480 Blast Bold points. The game however revealed that the “on-chain distribution” of the rewards will be delayed to coincide with the launch of the “share to card holders module.”

The game added that the heroes will be awarded free versions of their cards, adding that the move is part of powering an “economic framework” to unite web3 creators with their audiences to spur growth.

Jenn Duong, a content creator, and Pacman, Blast’s founder, were among the top earners receiving $20,000 and $18,000 worth of ETH respectively. Some of the top earners described the game as one with a huge potential to drive web3 adoption.

Blast-based Game Exploited for Over $4 Million

The Ethereum scaling layer has been taking the crypto space by storm even before its launch. For example, it courted controversy when it accumulated over $1 billion in deposits before it was launched

Unlike Fantasy Top, other Blast-based games haven’t seen the same popularity with some like Super Sushi Samurai losing over $4 million in an exploit.

With Fantasy Top garnering tremendous popularity in about a week, it’s to be seen whether the energy will remain when more people join the game.