NBCUniversal Taps Aptos for Web3 Fan Experiences

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  • NBCUniversal has expressed intentions to provide its fans with blockchain-powered experiences
  • It has partnered with Aptos Labs to bring the experiences to life
  • The experiences will include web3 games based on NBCUniversal’s creations

Entertainment giant NBCUniversal has announced a partnership with Aptos Labs to provide its fans with blockchain-based experiences. Some of the experiences will include web3 games based on the company’s creations like movies. This isn’t the first collaboration between the two entities since the Aptos blockchain creator has in the past created a web3 game based on NBCUniversal’s “Renfield” movie, an indication that it sees an economic opportunity in engaging with its web3 users.

Internet-grade Web3 Products

According to Aptos Labs CEO Mo Shaikh, the experiences will be powered by the Aptos blockchain, adding that the partnership will see the birth of world-class “internet-grade blockchain products.”

Shaikh also noted that the experiences will be unique and will help increase the relationship between the two companies. NBCUniversal’s Greg Reed commented on the partnership saying that it was spurred by a rapidly changing entertainment landscape.

Reed added that superior fan experiences are the major contributors to the change. He also said that the partnership will strengthen the bond with its fans and assist in understanding what the fans want to create “media and entertainment [that] audiences crave.”

Previous partnerships between the two companies saw the creation of virtual experiences around “The Exorcist: Believer” film. The experiences included exclusive artwork and an AR filter based on the film.

Aptos Labs-Microsoft Partnership

This isn’t the first Aptos Labs partnership seeking to increase the use of the Aptos blockchain and to bring more people into the web3 world. In August last year, for example, it partnered with tech giant Microsoft to create AI-powered blockchain tools to ease the work of blockchain developers.

Two months ago, it entered into a new collaboration with the tech heavyweight this time with a vision to bring DeFi to institutions.

With NBCUniversal exploring the web3 space, it’s to be seen whether it’ll motivate other entertainment companies to increase their blockchain exploration missions.