Over 50% of Social Media Users Love the Metaverse

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  • Social media users love the metaverse, according to a new research
  • The research shows that only 14% have a negative inclination toward a blockchain-based virtual environment
  • Researchers discovered that social media posts from those who love and hate the metaverse have a pattern

Research has unearthed that over 50% of social media users like the metaverse with only 14% having a negative attitude towards a blockchain-based virtual environment. Those who were undecided on what to make out of the metaverse accounted for 33% of those polled. The researchers, however, noted that those with negative and positive sentiments displayed a pattern in their posts by using strong words like “future” and “bad” to indicate which side they support, a divide that shows that the metaverse isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of technology and that it’ll come with its own advantages and challenges.

Over 45,000 Tweets Have a Positive Metaverse Sentiment

Dubbed the “Inevitable-Metaverse: A Novel Twitter Dataset for Public Sentiments on Metaverse,” the research was conducted by individuals from Zayed University and UAE University.

The researchers analyzed 86,565 X (formerly Twitter) posts and used machine learning to mark the posts as negative, neutral or positive towards metaverse technologies. Out of the posts, 53%, or 45,506, of them indicated a positive metaverse sentiment while 28,663 (33%) and 12,396 or 14% showed a neutral and negative attitude respectively.

An example of a tweet considered to have a positive outlook championed the building of the metaverse while a negative one seemed to have an issue with Meta announcing its entry into the metaverse.

2023 Not Included

According to the research, 2022 had the highest number of metaverse tweets or X posts with close to 400,000 tweets by April 9, 2022, when pitted against the previous three years with 2019 having the smallest number at 3,827 tweets. The researchers didn’t consider metaverse tweets for 2023.

With metaverse tweets increasing over the years, it indicates a growing discussion around blockchain-based virtual spaces, something that may birth more positive metaverse sentiments.