NFT News Roundup – 02/04/22

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What’s happened in this week’s fast and frantic world of NFTs? There’s only one way to find out – our weekly NFT roundup.

Holy JPEGs! DC Comics to Launch Batman NFTs

DC Comics has announced the planned release of Batman-themed NFTs in collaboration with Palm NFT Studio. The “Bat Cowl Collection” NFT launch is slated for April 26 and will include 200,000 NFTs depicting Batman’s world-renowned cowl in 3D format.
To make the NFTs unique, its creators will draw inspiration from Batman’s comic book legacy spanning 83 years. The starting price for each NFT will be $300, but DC has announced that the NFTs will also come with two years’ worth of benefits to bolster the value proposition of the NFTs, a trend that we have seen increasing in recent months.

DC says it will publish a roadmap detailing the features and benefits the NFT holders will enjoy, with some of the rumored benefits being access to fan events, physical collectibles, exclusive merchandise, and behind-the-scenes content. There are also plans for a metaverse and augmented reality (AR) experience sometime after the launch.

NFT of Mandela Arrest Warrant Sold for $130,000

The digitized warrant for Nelson Mandela’s 1962 arrest has been sold as an NFT for $130,000. Although the physical copy will not be transferred to the buyer of the NFT, the buyer will be granted exclusive access to it by The Liliesleaf Museum in South Africa, which received the donation of the document in 2004. The proceeds from the NFT sale will be donated to the museum to support its operations after its income took a huge hit during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Between 1961 and 1963, Liliesleaf served as the secret headquarters and nerve center of a political uprising in South Africa. Following the issuing of warrants for their arrest, several activists, including Mandela, were arrested there and put on trial. Mandela, who was already serving a prison sentence at the time of the raid, became Accused Number 1.

The sale of the arrest warrant was the highlight of South Africa’s biggest NFT auction to date.

OpenSea Integrates Solana NFTs

OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, this week announced integration with the Solana blockchain. An exact date has yet to be announced, but it is expected to occur in April. The integration will make Solana the fourth blockchain supported by OpenSea, after Ethereum, Polygon, and Klatyn.

The request for integration has been in high demand, and rumors have been circulating for some time that it was happening, fueled by tweets from the popular hacker and tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong.

Once the integration is completed, NFT traders on OpenSea will be able to buy and sell Solana NFTs directly from the platform. The benefits of integration are multifaceted; traders will benefit from Solana’s speed and low fees, while for Solana, integration with the world’s largest NFT marketplace will increase its pedigree in the NFT world.

For OpenSea, this may be a move to stave off the threat of competing marketplaces, especially Magic Eden, which recently surpassed OpenSea to become the largest NFT marketplace in monthly transactions.

Animoca Brands’ F1 Delta Line Crashes

Animoca Brands, the creators of F1 Delta Time, a licensed Formula 1 NFT game that launched back in 2019, announced this week that the game has passed the checkered flag after the company failed to obtain a license renewal from Formula 1. The game’s launch was quickly followed by the exchange of its first NFT, 1-1-1, for 415.9 ETH ($113,000 at the time), but it has been dumped in the pits after presumably not offering F1 enough money.

To appease F1 Delta Line NFT owners, Animoca Brands will give them NFT cars in REVV Racing instead, an unlicensed driving game similar to F1 Delta Time, which can be used to earn REVV token rewards in a new staking pool.

F1 Delta Line NFT holders had already invested huge sums into the ecosystem in the three years of its operation. Aside from the 415.9 ETH purchase of NFT 1-1-1, some players are said to have spent over $200,000 on one-of-one Formula 1 NFT cars. In March of 2021, Animoca also sold F1 Delta Time in-game track segments worth $1.8 million, so the sudden departure from the track will no doubt leave fans…I don’t know…wheely upset?