Sims Designer Working on Blockchain Videogame

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  • Sims designer Will Wright is working on a blockchain game, VoxVerse
  • VoxVerse will be set in a virtual world and will integrate NFTs and cryptocurrency
  • Wright sees the game as the first blockchain game that could go mainstream

Famed designer of the Sims franchise Will Wright is working on a blockchain videogame, but it won’t be for NFT profit seekers. Wright, whose work includes renowned titles such as Sim City and The Sims, is creating VoxVerse, a virtual world set on a huge cube where players own land, create attractions, mine for resources and socialise. The game will involve transacting in cryptocurrency while characters will be NFTs, although Wright told Axios he wants to avoid being in “the business of selling NFTs”.

Wright Will Design “Evolutionary System” for Item Creation

Wright explained how VoxVerse will have more than a ring of similarity to the Sims games he helped design. He told Axois that the game will attract three groups of people: a small number of wealthy virtual landowners who pay for plots with crypto; a middle group of creative players who will be asked to make object (and share any sale proceeds) by landowners; and a mass of free-to-play players who will simply spend time in the world.

Wright added that the game will incorporate “shape grammar,” which refers to as “kind of an evolutionary system” for item creation that lets users modify starter objects and “patent” them via the blockchain for revenue-generating reuse.

NFTs Will be For Utility, Not Profit Making

While the characters will be NFTs, Wright is very clear that he only wants to use them in terms of utility, saying, “I don’t really want to be in the business of selling NFTs,” emphasising that his chief interest is in blockchain’s ability to allow for secure transactions between players.

VoxVerse doesn’t have a release date, but if it is anything like as well created as the games in the Sims franchise, we could finally see the breakthrough of blockchain gaming to the masses.