Blur Hands Out Over $7 Million in Season 2 Airdrop to Lone Trader

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  • NFT marketplace Blur has awarded a single trader over $7 million in Blur tokens in its Season 2 airdrop
  • The amount is the largest to go to a single person out of the 300 million tokens set aside for the event 
  • The end of the airdrop marks the beginning of season 3 rewards

NFT marketplace Blur has ended its Season 2 rewards airdrop with an over $7 million gift to one trader. The trader received 22.85 million BLUR tokens which is the highest amount out of the 300 million allocated for the event to be airdropped to one person. Although the latest Blur rewards airdrop marks the start of another season which the marketplace said will have a different twist, it’ll likely be plagued by wash trading concerns as traders seek to increase their trading activities in anticipation of higher rewards.

Blast-powered Blur Season 3

The over $7 million in BLUR tokens went to a pseudonymous individual only identified by his wallet address hanwe.eth. In an X (formerly Twitter) post, Hanwe confirmed receiving the amount, adding that the airdrop marked the start of Blur Season 3 airdrop which will be powered by Blast, a newly created Ethereum scaling layer.

Blur’s Season 2 saw some traders like Jeffrey Huang also known as Machi Big Brother dump over 50 Bored Apes within days to climb up the rewards radar. 

According to Dune analytics, Huang received roughly $2 million worth of BLUR tokens, something that he wasn’t proud of according to an X post after receiving the rewards.

Bot Battle Nets $1.5 Million

The NFT marketplace’s zero fee structure and occasional rewards to users with the highest trading volumes saw it beat OpenSea in trading volume. Blur also in the past brewed some controversy by telling its creators to block OpenSea for full royalties.

The end of Season 2 comes four months after a bot battle on Blur netted a trader $1.5 million and seven months after launching an NFT lending service known as Blend.

With Huang’s tactics not bearing fruits, it’s to be seen whether traders will engage in unethical behaviours to earn more rewards in the next season.