Proof Announces New NFT Collection for Loyal Moonbirds Holders

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  • Proof has announced a new NFT collection to celebrate loyal Moonbirds collectors
  • Known as Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition, it features 10,000 artworks created by Beeple and other 21 artists
  • The new collection is scheduled to be launched on April 27 and is available exclusively to collectors who have a history of staking their Moonbirds

Moonbirds creator Proof has announced a new NFT collection to celebrate loyal collectors of its Moonbirds artworks. Dubbed Moonbirds: Diamonds Exhibition,  the collection features 10,000 artworks created in partnership with 22 artists such as Beeple. scheduled for release on April 27 it will be available exclusively to collectors with a history of staking their Moonbirds.

Choice Passes for Diamond Nesters

Announcing the news on Twitter, Proof noted that the collection is in honor of Moonbirds’ “most dedicated members” and that the list of participating artists includes popular names such as Beeple, Summer Wagner, Daniel Isles and “some you’ll want to start following.”

The criteria to receive the new NFT will revolve around those who interact with the Moonbirds nesting feature that involves locking the NFTs in a wallet instead of trading them. Those who nested their Moonbirds on the first day when the feature launched on April 23, 2022, who Proof calls Diamond Nesters, will be the first to receive a “Choice Pass.” 

The pass allows them to rank the participating artists, with the outcome guiding how Proof airdrops the new collectibles to Diamond Nesters. Proof will repeat the process to include those who used the nesting feature in the first week and will continue expanding the time frame until all the artworks are airdropped.

Party With Beeple

The celebration will also see Moonbirds collectors party with Beeple at NFT NYC. Beeple has in the past released digital artworks worth millions of dollars such as Human One which fetched $28.9 million and the famous Everydays-The First 5000 Days NFT which changed hands at $69 million.

Proof’s move comes when NFT creators like Yuga Labs are looking for ways to engage collectors. Yuga Labs, for example, released an NFT game accessible only by Bored/Mutant Ape holders.

With Proof looking to engage Moonbirds collectors, it’s likely the new NFTs will morph into something new in the future.