Luxury Brand Maison Margiela Enters Web3 World

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  • Maison Margiela  has entered the web3 space with an NFT collection
  • Dubbed MetaTABI Collection it seeks to link the digital with the physical world
  • The collection was created in partnership with virtual fashion firm The Fabricant

Luxury brand Maison Margiela has launched an NFT collection known as MetaTABI with the help of virtual fashion house The Fabricant. Margiela intends to use the collection to link the digital and the physical worlds, with collectors positioned to enjoy unique experiences. The collection features the brand’s iconic Tabi boot and it’s Maison Margiela’s first step into the web3 space, a move that may break or make the brand’s connection with its community in the virtual world.

A Unique Footprint

According to the luxury brand’s charmain Stefano Rosso, the collection links Maison Margiela to “a unique footprint into” the web3 space, something that he said is already positively affecting people’s “lives.”

The collection features 1,515 collectibles spread into two tiers with the first-tier having only 15 NFTs. The first tier NFTs are white and tier-two collectibles are black.

Tier one NFTs are the rarest with collectors receiving a physical pair of Tabi boots which “only 15 people in the world will have” the privilege to own.  Rosso disclosed that the 15 boots have a specially designed “gold finish.” Those in the second tier will get a custom wallet.

MetaTABI collectors will access other products on metaverse platforms like The Sandbox, with The Fabricant’s Kerry Murphy observing that they intend to give collectors the freedom to choose where they wish to wear the shoes.

Louis Vuitton and Gucci also Exploring Web3

NFTs in both editions give collectors access to yet-to-be-launched blockchain-based projects from the luxury brand. Some of the benefits include game activations and lifetime access to the brand’s events.

Maison Margiela joins other luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci that are also exploring the web3 world. Margiela’s move comes two months after a report unearthed that luxury brands are tapping blockchain and AI to increase business impact.

With Maison Margiela making a huge stride into the web3, it’s evident that luxury brands are ready to follow their customers to blockchain-powered avenues.