Euler Denies Blockchain Investigator was Among Suspected Hackers

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  • Euler Finance has denied claims that it considered a pseudonymous blockchain investigator a suspected hacker
  • The investigator revealed that he was part of the team helping Euler recover close to $200 million siphoned from the platform
  • The researcher said that he couldn’t be Euler’s hacker because he spends most of his time “blogging and working”

Euler Finance has denied claims that blockchain investigator and Twitter user Officer’s Notes (@officer_cia) was among the people they suspected to have siphoned close to $200 million from the platform. Euler even disclosed that the on-chain researcher was among the people that provided useful information during the investigation period. Officer’s Notes said that he could not have been the hacker because he’s busy blogging and has no time to hack the DeFi protocol.

Investigator Wasn’t Mentioned

According to him, the accusations were leveled against him despite honoring Euler’s request to view his GitHub repository visitors’ logs. Officer’s Notes said that Euler said the logs were “crucial in the investigation” since they indicated who accessed the investigator’s crypto privacy tools hosted on the GitHub account. 

Despite his help, Euler “didn’t see fit to mention or tag” the researcher, something that he interpreted to mean Euler saw him as among the suspected hackers.

The on-chain investigator even apologized for sharing his repository user’s information without their consent, adding that the data is out of his control and has “no way of knowing what will happen” to it but promised he will “never ever pass on data on […] subscribers again.”

Security Tools Used to Evade Detection

Speaking to Cointelegraph, an Euler spokesperson revealed that they never considered the researcher to be the hacker and admitted that they engaged him because they believed the malicious actors employed “some of his security tools” to evade detection.”

The Euler hacker has since returned most of the funds after almost a month of negotiations with the Euler team, adding to the small list of hackers who agree to return funds stolen from a decentralized platform.

With GitHub being a convergence of coding ideas, individuals like Officer’s Notes are likely to be considered suspects even without a working concept of their ideas.